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  1. Being a regular for some 3+years now, first let me say what a wonderful job the Empire team continues to do in making the Empire cutting edge and new with custom adds that certainly set it apart from other MP servers. This was my first MP server, and there have been many since, but I continue to enjoy Empire for all its charm and character.

    Following an unfortunate death today, while running back to retrieve my things armed with only a Turkey Slicer, I wondered how cool it would be if we were able to purchase the Soul Bound enchant on things like tools and armor through the Shop. While I recognize this feature has been limited to Promotional items, I wondered if this would be something the Empire would consider ...if such a thing would even be possible.

    Necessity is the mother of invention ... and I thought I'd share this concept as a product of moments of frustration and nekkid running to frantically retrieve, my tools specifically, items that took some effort to create.

    Again, just a thought for those who clearly are in tune with how to run a Server ... and continue to prove it on a daily basis :)
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  2. Great idea!
  3. This idea has been suggested quite a few times now and it's never been implemented - it just takes away an aspect from the game really, for you would no longer be afraid of dying and you could die all you like and not worry about anything. I guess it just makes you a bit more overpowered, and you'd be able to get everything you still had from Mob Arena etc. so nobody wins anything from the rounds and that's another aspect simply taken away... It's a good idea, but it just isn't really what should be implemented in my opinion :)
  4. The Turkey Slicer alone makes me feel overpowered !!!

    As a bit of a purist, I find myself, after all this time, with a bunch of rupees that truly mean nothing to me. If there was something I needed/wanted, there isn't anything I can't go out and find/collect on my own, and that concept itself keeps me busy and provides me with motivation and task oriented action. Not being a Mob Arena/PVP person, I can see where not losing your stuff can make you invincible ....but perhaps in those instances, the Arena's would be under a forfeiture rule. I was simply thinking of the Wasteland/Frontier Arena.

    To learn of people with 1M+ rupees seems pointless. If nothing else, it seemed to be a way of spending rupees that would otherwise sit and accumulate. It certainly would also offer an Economy aspect where these created non-promo items could be sold/traded/auctioned to an audience that could afford them .....and perhaps cause them to spend some of their earned wealth. It certainly would me ... but, then again, I still remember the days when signing on was a rupee gold mine.

    I didn't know this had been suggested before, and I can only imagine the think-tank that goes into such a Server project and the discussions (and ultimately the Core Values or Goals of such) that occur in producing such an endeavor, but I thought I'd throw this out there to see what's up :) Again, it's your Bar-Be-Que .... and it tastes good !!
  5. It has been suggested a lot, but I think the only way it's even remotely ok is if it's a Soulbound and Final voucher, and it can't be used on something like an endchest or a custom item.
    I'm in favor of making Mob Arena and PVP working with the rest of the server's rules rather than basing any big decisions off of those things existing.
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  6. Easily remedied by making it Final as well - think this was also mentioned in those previous suggestion threads.
    Basically, yes you can soulbind something but you'll never be able to repair it afterwards, so it's only good for as long as the durability holds up.

    Personally, I'm all for this suggestion, but I do see where it defeats certain aspects of the game.
  7. I just think that it takes away from the game rather than adding to it. It would be harder to regulate Mob Arena and other events with this, and the wild would feel so much more safer, which is taking away a large aspect of the whole point of the game, so I think that the promos are more than enough to satisfy the needs of having items that cannot be lost... But I do see the benefits also - though I think it is much easier to carry on as we have been doing :)
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  8. Pay 60k for a soulbound and final enchant, get your tool/weapon back with 1/4 the durability? Eh? lewl
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  9. If you really want this, just get some voter's items. Sure, it takes 275 days to get a diamond voter's sword, but it's worth it. You can also get voters armor, too, and it's kinda OP. -1
    Plus, voter's items never break.
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  10. As long as they cost almost as much as the beyond-maximum-enchantment promos, then there's no reason for the durability penalty in my opinion.
    You can't make anything yourself that's as powerful as a Turkey Slicer, Ore Buster, Freedom Blade, Lucky Bow, or voter's gear anyway. Really, giving it Final reduces its usefulness a great deal and is penalty enough for the Soulbound gain, I'd say.
  11. It just takes away too much of the survival element of the game. Coding it wouldn't be a problem, as minecraft can be set to not drop anything on death if desired. There are quite a few promo items that have been soulbound. With god apples, and god armor, it's already pretty hard to die until you set the difficulty up past 6.

    I have about 10 sets of god armor ready to go at any time. I think that is OP enough, and running out to grab my stuff is really just part of the game, I could just leave it and not really suffer to be honest. Keeping the game hard enough to be interesting is actually more of a problem in the long run.
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  12. You should make a walk-in closet to give you all of your armor :)
  13. I think that this suggestion would stray too far from the survival aspect of the empire.
  14. There are certainly ways to make it work. Maybe it must be used in the anvil and won't work on a weapon that exceeds lvl 39 by vanilla rules? At a certain point I wouldn't even want one though.
  15. if they did this the only problem would be the klutzes like me who run off the edge into the void or whatever:)
  16. This would be awesome, if it was a SUPER high price. Eg. 1, 000, 000 rupees per soulbound item. Otherwise, everyone would have everything soulbound and it would no longer matter if you died. Good idea though!