[Suggestion] Sort output from /fr list alphabetically

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  1. Hi gang,

    So I seem to have quite a few friends. The other day someone came up to me and told me they weren't able to add me (/fr add). Which seemed odd because someone else sent me a request only a few days ago. However, when I was trying to go over my list (which is somewhat long) I noticed that the listing order seems pretty random.

    I know you can use /p <name> which will also show you if they're friends or not, but yeah; that's not really working if you simply want to get an overview.

    As such my suggestion: sort the list alphabetically. This makes it easier to get an overview of your current friends.
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  2. I think it sounds like a good idea in my opinion so +1 from me
  3. Hmmm, yep. Me likey

  4. +1 I like the idea, what could also work is /fr list sort. This would pop up a GUI with different options, alphibetical, recent, most used, online act.
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  5. Ze bump :)
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