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Skyblock, yay or nay?

Sounds fun! (Yes) 5 vote(s) 35.7%
Falling to my death is not my thing... (No) 8 vote(s) 57.1%
Uh, what is this Skyblock thingie you speak of? (Undecided) 1 vote(s) 7.1%
  1. One word: Skyblock! Have we ever thought about adding any other style of game play? I know Aikar said we will never do PvP buy you can't get any more surival then Skyblock. Add the amazing features of EMC to a Skyblock plugin would out of this world fun! :cool: If you don't know what Skyblock is, here is a quick description: you start off on a small island in the sky with nothing above or below you. Your tiny island is made of about a stack of dirt, 3 sand, 1 oak tree and a chest with a few items: lava pail and 2 ice (to make cobblestone gen), 1 of ea mushroom, 1 melon, 1 pumpkin seed, 1 sugar cane, 2 pork chops, 1 cactus and a couple of other things. While trying to survive their are challenges to make things interesting. But the all important part is competing against everyone else for the highest level island!

    Let me know what you think.
  2. What if someone fails? In EMC Norm, you can just go back out to the wild to restart. If people are competing for the highest level island, and someone fails I see some rage quits in the future... -1
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  3. If you die you go back to Skyblock /spawn or you go back to your /island set home. You can even set up warps, but I am sure the EMC tp system would be great for Skyblock. But if you fall into the void your items are gone. Lots of risk, but the rewards for your hard work is really fulfilling.
  4. I always liked the idea of putting Skyblock and Survival Games into EMC, but it has to work more like a mini-game. Like people have to queue for it and when it gets enough people, it starts the game and everyone is teleported inside. Maybe it would start after 8 people queue for it (Just as an example). Then, when the other 7 people fall or are killed, then the last person wins and the game is reset. I am not sure if there would be prizes for winning these things, kinda like there are no prizes for killing people in PVP except getting their player heads if that is turned on. So maybe the prizes would be their player heads just like in PVP. I like the idea though. I would love to see Skyblock and Survival Games implemented into the servers. It would just be another "for fun" kind of thing we could do in town, with no risk of losing anything.

    So I vote yes for Skyblock and I would love to see Survival Games implemented too. :)
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  5. In my experience Skyblock is easy and gets boring quick :oops: Also, I don't think Skyblock fits in with EMC at all. For me, EMC is about teamwork and stuff, not about competing for who has the best thing. And, yeah, sure we have PVP, but from what i've seen/heard, it doesn't make people rage quit and people can help eachother in it. With Skyblock? Yeah... not so much :confused:

    I shall be the first to vote no :p
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  6. Fixed :p
  7. Nope, he was first I was second. :p
  8. wow... So glad you guys think it is funny who voted no first... Instead of arguing over the first "no" vote, lets hear a valid reason why you are against Skyblock? Other than Soulpunisher's typical comment, I don't see any other facts or reasons. EMC is a survival based server with a PvP arena, Skyblock fits within that survival forumla. I am not suggesting: Hunger Games, Sky Wars, Prison, etc...
  9. Haha, have you played much PvP? People rage quit all the time!

    Oh, and -1 from me.
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  10. Skyblock is based on a combination of other things too to make survival easier and more complex. I can see an idea like skyblock working, but without the extra bits and pieces of the mechanics (which are not vanilla), it would get boring quick.

    Maybe you should try this out by taking the items listed, going to the wild, and building yourself a platform. See how far you can get into the idea of skyblock before you give up.
  11. I think skyblock would be a great addition to the Empire, but I agree with PenguinDJ; people will probably rage quit.
  12. I wanna do that now... Just because I wanna build a castle in the sky...
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  13. I would vote no, but falling to my death is totally my thing. Please make a poll that isn't trying to lay words in your mouth next time.
  14. Yes; I have put many hours into PvP game modes on some servers before they all became parts of big networks :p

    I meant the EMC PvP. People are generally quite level-headed when they lose.
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  15. I've had many rages on EMC, too.
  16. People rage quit in PVP all the time. They rage about something they call "bow spamming" which means that the player only uses their bow. I cant even begin to say how many people call me a "noob at pvp" because I "bow spam" which is not against any rules and is a good strategy. Plus the bow is my main weapon. But I do agree somewhat with the others about SkyBlock being boring. EMC is a special kind of server in the fact that EMC does not really "copy" anything that other large servers do and EMC is the ONLY server I have come across that has a GREAT community. EMC has its own taste to it that makes it such a great server. I still would go for a yes for SkyBlock, but I do not think it should be handled like a normal game of SkyBlock. So I can see this arguement going both ways. I would not at all be disappointed if SkyBlock is not added, but I would like to see a new form of PVP or survival added to give us something else to do in town.
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