[Suggestion] Some Minor Chat Updates

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  1. Just a few quick suggestions; they each didn't deserve their own thread, so I just combined them.

    Bring back /rc

    Everyone liked /rc - the old, unofficial version of Residence Chat - possibly only because of the nice bright purple chat. My suggestion is to type /res say [message] and it'd come out in magenta as like before.

    Shorten getting to the Mob Arena

    Just something small; instead of doing /v mobarena you'd do /mobarena or /ma.

    Better Res Messages

    Add color codes to res messages - the default would be yellow.

    Leave Chat Channels

    /leave [channel] will exclude you from hearing that chat channel.

    And, of course, this.

  2. You forgot to add /leave town. That would really be awesome to add back xD
  3. Please explain. I don't think I was around then.
  4. We used to have the lovely option to do /leave town to leave town chat when it got annoying and you didn't want to hear "CUM 2 MAI SHOP I HAZ STUFF 2 SAIL!" "I NEED ROOBEEZ PLZ DON8!" or something. It was removed because it wasn't used I think, but it would really come in handy for when you don't want to deal with the rest of chat and just your friends, or when we were trying to record the Mod vs Player Family Feud game. I had to turn chat off then.
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  5. Unfortunately, as it was explained to me by Aikar and Justin months ago (this may have changed), checking each player's chat every time there's a chat sent is too much load for the servers... That's how it was explained anyway. So leaving channels may not be possible.
  6. I am so glad somebody on here has some outstanding beneficial ideas for the community.
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  7. Sorry not happening - We want our chat to be consistent in 1 system. We do not want to have to support 2 different chat methods like the old RC was done, that code has been deleted.

    See below about chat system rewrite though as it will resolve your color desires.

    As only supporters can change res messages, this could be acceptable.
    A decent Chat system rewrite is planned:

    Something for the tutorial is planned to cover a similar ask here.