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  1. Hey EMC, I just thought I'd throw out this idea. What if there were 10 certain staff members who each had an smp, with one having utopia. These Staff Members would collect info about the things that have been going on on their smp, such as someone got promoted to the staff, or an opening to a Mega Mall or huge build. Every month or so, these staff members would get together and each write a little piece about what's going on with their smp. It would then be posted so everyone on the forums could see it. The staff member would also have a title of their smp, such as: Eviltoade - Moderator - Commissioner of smp1. I just kinda thought this would be cool. Comment what you think or any ideas you could add to this! Thanks :)
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  2. this sounds like it would be a logistical nightmare. -1
  3. The idea is sound. But EMC is a single community, IMHO. The 10 servers are simply (inc. Mystul analogy) different lanes in a bowling alley. We are all playing the same game and the lanes are nearly the same.

    As for keeping track... I like the idea, but I think we do a good job of that in the forums. Leaving the staff to deal with other things like.... stuff.
  4. I'm not against the idea itself, but in my opinion this shouldn't be something to task our staff with. They're busy enough already as it is.

    Now, don't take this the wrong way but I will honestly say that this has gone through my mind several times (also with other kinds of suggestions). The only reason I decided to share here is because I honestly think your idea could be fun. So having said that... Why try to task the staff with this?

    Thing is: it doesn't take a staff member to make something official. If you're serious about this idea then what's stopping you from trying to find some people from several parts of the Empire to try and set something like this up? If enough people like your idea then it should be doable.

    Don't forget: A lot (if not most) staff organized events once started as player made events...
  5. Incoming Haro logic.

    *exactly what ShelLuser just said*
    More incoming Haro logic.

    If you had 5 fingers, and a blood vessel has to go each one to connect them to the main blood vessel, logically you have 5 lanes for your blood to go through to get to each finger. However, they all make up your hand (in this case EMC). What you are proposing is that there is a lake of blood in each finger that meets with each other once per month to connect with the main valve and then they go back on your own.

    You can't be making blood lakes, man! Not cool!
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  6. It's a neat idea, but the Staff aren't supposed to stick to one server. And what happens when a staff member gets busy IRL and doesn't have the time to write an article about their assigned SMP? That SMP would feel abandoned. The staff online are encouraged to be influential on all SMPs, and we don't really want to change that.

    However, this sounds like a neat idea for a community project/contribution team thing (since it involved writing).
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  7. I agree with Shelluser and xHaro_Der
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  8. Yeah, maybe Matheus can select 10 people that are interested, and try it out? Would they still have their little title "Commissioner of Smp#" ?
  9. The commissioner team would be pretty cool. 2 active members that can write well from each SMP that both work on the monthly report, this way even if one is away on vacation or something, it'll still be written. I don't think utopia needs one though. It's hardly a community, just farm land.
  10. Due to the confusion that would cause, i have to say no.

    From a new player perspective, they'd appear as if they were staff. We'd like to keep all Contributors as team group name to facilitate the understanding of the teams.
  11. Agree to that to
  12. 2 Members, or 9 Members? 9 being one for each smp. :)
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  13. Ninja'd :p Contribution Team would still be awesome for this! :)
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  14. -1 This sounds like a really bad idea, staff have other things to do then meet with each other every month. It sounds like a waste of time, and a nightmare.
  15. I think this would be more interesting as a volunteer team thing in and of itself. Of course as said, we already keep pretty good tabs on smps via the forums. sometimes you just have to do a little data mining to find what you are looking for. After you use the forums for a while though it doesn't take long to find what you are looking for.

    Of course you could always start a community run group to do this. We just need to find the right person to coordinate it. Having different titles for each smp would be fun too. example: king of smp1. President of smp2. The chosen one of smp3. The enlightened one of smp4. the Engineer of smp5. The general of smp6. The shaman of smp7. The mental ward commissionerof smp8. The all seeing rainbow of smp9 and the Megatron of utopia, since utopia has no soul XD
  16. Contribution team doesn't need special treatment, they are regular players like anyone else. Their main responsibility is to help the forum wiki page and write blogs.
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  17. They don't get any special treatment.. They are also in charge of writing blog posts and they're regarded as the "writers of EMC". I think a task for writing a news section for each SMP every month perfectly fits the Contribution Team. That's not special treatment.
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  18. I'm fine with that but....
    I'd rather not have this.
  19. I don't think a little meaningless tag really hurts anything. :p

    And beside, it could just be regular Contribution Team and nothing else.
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  20. It's not a "meaningless" Title as you state. This could be considered as "owning" a part of a server. Don't get me wrong but I feel like if you had the title of "Commissioner of smp8" you would be a god.

    As Kryssy said...