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  1. Currently, there are some "smoothed" blocks that exist in the game, but are not obtainable in survival mode, but could be really quite useful to builders. These blocks are the entirely bark log, smooth stone slab, super-smooth sandstone (red and normal), and the smoothed mushroom blocks.

    Aren't they purdy? c:

    What I'm suggesting is that for a price (say, 10 tokens per block), you can use the command /smoothblock to turn the block you are looking at, if it has one, to its smoothed alternative. For certain blocks with more than one alternative (red/brown huge mushroom blocks can be all skin or all pores), you could use the command /smoothblock <1:2> based on which type you want. This would be quite helpful to people who want nicer custom trees, want smoother sandstone walls, or just like the looks of some of these blocks. In order to de-smooth the blocks, all you would have to do is break and replace them.

    Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Infinite praise for my otherworldly wisdom?

    Also, the 10 token fee is simply an example, it can be changed as needed.
  2. i need this 0-0
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  3. I think you might need glasses as I did not shoot it down.
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  4. Since that round of bug fixes and anti-griefing are done, does that mean that this is a yes? =D
  5. Oh no, I don't need glasses. You do (10/10 for professionalism btw).

    In the exact same quote you've put:
    That doesn't exactly scream like you pushed this idea. You shot it down because Aikar is busy.
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  6. I said it would need to wait until more pressing matters were attended to and tabled the suggestion for discussion at a later date. I won't stand for incorrect words being put into my mouth. 10/10 for accuracy.
  7. Putting words in your mouth =/= saying you shot down an idea. Reply if you want, I won't. We've probably taken this off-topic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  8. Can we just keep this thread on-topic? .-.
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  9. On-topic answer:
    The suggestion of creative mode blocks in general is currently tabled for discussion after Anti-Griefing Bug Fixing, and the 1.10 update. These 2 things are still on the major list above all else. At such identified time, the Owner/Staff/Developers will review and determine if this will be added as a track ticket, etc to be implemented on the server.
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