[ SUGGESTION ] skele/zombie horse feature?

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  1. Ok, When I posted this I was thinking to my self 'Hmm... what if we could use tokens or a voucher of some sort to spawn in these as our own?'. So heres my thesis: We could use tokens/enraged mob drop to spawn in skeleton/zombie horses.

    Idea number one: We could pay 9500 tokens for the zombie horse w/ an automatic speed of 85-110 and 10000 tokens for a skeleton horse w/ an automatic speed of 85-110, both coming as an egg.

    Idea number two: lets say you encounter either a enraged zombie/skeleton, and you kill the mob and it drops an empty map named "Zombie/Skeleton( depending on which one you killed ) claim voucher". I would say this be a 45% drop chance, it will redeem you w/ a skele/zombie horse egg, and I think it be a good idea

    So which idea do you like, or if you have another idea on how to get them let me see it, I take all of y'alls thoughts into consideration and respect them all. :)
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  2. Ww2! this is a great idea. Hope to see it come to life! :D
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  3. Zombie and skeleton horses are going to be available for cosmetic and whatever other new supporter rank(s) there will be. If the zombie and skeleton horses were available for purchase through the use of tokens, the price should be increased to about 10k tokens or even more. :) The drop rate from enraged mobs should be 1% or even less.
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  4. Well, what if they die, get lost, or are trapped in a waste/wild outpost? Then that person wasted x amount of tokens or a rare drop...
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  5. Its just like the Dancer promo though, I do respect your idea just saying, but if Dancer dies in the waste/frontier its the owners some what fault for bringing it out in dangerous conditions.
  6. But will the players get these horses as an egg or... because there are no actual vanilla eggs for Zombie and Skele horses.
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  7. I guess so, but the token cost should be raised a lot more...
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  8. Ill edit post because I meant as an egg, just like the dancer promo'

    Ok as I said I respect all thoughts on this, just had to think of a number quickly.
  9. Also, what would be the lore to spend all those tokens...? Of course, besides being very rare, unique drops, and different from other mobs.
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  10. i think 45% is a bit too high, just my thought on it though
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  11. I respect all thoughts, I just wanted to put my idea out and see what the community thinks about this, and any thing they want to change about it.

  12. its a cool idea though
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  13. There was originally talk about making these a feature for a different supporter rank, but due to Microsoft's purchase of Mojang, many EULA changes seem to have been dropped. If this is the case and Cosmetic Supporter is no longer a planned rank, I think it would be fun to incorporate the undead horses in some way.
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  14. You could say the same about promotional items and such.
  15. Yes but promos are normally easy to come by, they're freely given most of the time through a /promo and can be purchased using rupees which are also easier to come by. If these horses were a Halloween promo of some kind it would be different, but since they can only be theoretically bought using a large amount of tokens the value and rarity of these horses would be much, much more and therefore the consequences would be much worse, if lost, stolen, or just stuck. Plus it's kinda hard to get a Ore Buster stuck on an outpost. Wouldn't you agree?
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  16. Avalaunchers were obtained for 20k tokens I believe. I do not see anybody complaining.
    Saltar, Valens, and Incitatus did not get any complaints either. They weren't obtained by tokens though.
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  17. Yeah but Avalaunchers were soulbound... I'm just saying that with horses it's different from items. Each promo, rare, or unique item has their risks, I was just pointing out some of the ones with this suggestion.
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  18. Alrighty.
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  19. I once had Aikars horse at my res :rolleyes:. Chickeneer was riding it. Anyways back on topic +1