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  1. New site themes would be a nice feature. I'm not really a fan of the orange, or any of the other colors for the matter. I suggest that you would be allowed access to sliders of RGB and you can choose the main color (currently dark) and then the accent (currently orange, blue, green etc.). This would allow more customization for the website and, for some, make it more aesthetically pleasing. I'm not entirely sure if this is possible. If it is, I'd like to see in incorporated.

    Please leave thoughts below!

    I'm aware that I wrote "sight" instead of "site". I'm dumb.
  2. You want the web to look like this?
    or This?
    Or this?
    I am fine with orange. If the web changed to like pink or gray, I would go crazy. :p
  3. Problem fixed. Only thing is you have to re do it every time you load a page :p
  4. this isnt something we will ever do on the current website because it requires too much work.

    The updated forum and theme will likely contain user customizeable themes (AD Styler)

    For now, you can use User Styles with the Stylish browser extension.
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