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  1. If you start a post, auction, or anything like that, You would have to be the starter, you should be able to choose yourself if certain people should or should not be able to post in that thread (of coarse mods and sr. staff can still do it). If someones being an annoyance, keeps going off topic, or anything like that, a staff may not be on to control the situation.

    If you Don't like this, Click away instead of hating. I'm not making you read this.
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  2. Are you saying this in return to your invalid auction?
  3. Are you being serious?
    or Are you saying this to be a jerk? If so Please leave :)
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  4. No, was just wondering if you already had this idea in mind or you brought it up after your auction got closed
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  5. ive had this in mind for about 2 weeks now
    just coincedentally got to it
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  6. It's seems like people would use this for more harm than good, as people might use it to get rid of people they disagree with, rather than people breaking the rules. Stuff like this should rather be left to staff.
  7. good point, hmm. how about a "Reason for this action" whenever you do it that all staff can see? do you think that would improve this thought?
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  8. Depends, once you give that reason, would the person be blocked outright, or would staff have to approve it?
  9. good question. maybe they could be blocked temporarily for an hour to allow time for staff to get on (if theyre not already on) then the staff could approve it/disapprove it
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  10. Yeah, that was what I was thinking. It's could be a good idea, but I'm pretty sure that people could do bad things with it. I think maybe it should also exclude some subforums, in each case. But the thing is, when you pm a moderator it's almost at fast, and when you report a post with a valid reason they(the staff)will also be there in no-time.
  11. this is mainly in case their isn't any staff online.
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  12. Although, keep in mind, you can't always be sure there isn't staff online, some of the staff do hide their online status.
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  13. i know, but still there still might be no staff on. What if there are actually no staff on, would you rather be able to prevent someone bad from harming your post for an hour, or not at all?
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  14. Admittedly, yes, I would want them stopped, but I worry about the all the possible negative uses of this.
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  15. How about if you use this for more harm, and the reason you define isn't a legit one. Then perhaps warning --> Temp ban --> Longer Temp Ban --> Ban.
    This would prevent people from getting crazy with it.
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  16. Like to point things out:
    1. If I dislike a suggestion, I will voice my opinion, not click away. If you do not want people to " hate " on your suggestion then don't post it at all.
    2. I do not like this idea seeing that this will cause more damage than good. People will see that they cannot post in a specific thread and sometimes confront you which CAN lead to a fight and some kicks or bans happening.
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  17. yes
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  18. I personally believe that this should be left to the staff. Most staff will respond quick enough to site reports. If we were to allow other players to control posts there would be a lot more censoring than is necessary. In the case of multiple people spamming that an auction is not allowed on auction threads... yeah that needs to stop but this isn't the right way to stop it
  19. Would it be better if it is something like a "Vote to Kick" because that could work? A Lot of games Use this.
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