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  1. Hi guys! Today.. I have a suggestion! So, some people would like to put more then just 3 people to put on an access sign chest. Yes, I know, just make double chests. But there could be an easier way!

    Why can't we just list like 2 names on one line? I mean.. it wouldn't hurt.

    Here's what I think:
    (Names made up by me).
    [ ACCESS ]
    Rose Emily
    Jon Daniel
    Krystal Ryan

    That's the example of what I mean.

    Also, I have one more thing to mention, unless you can do this, just tell me in the comments.

    Add color codes to access signs! By all meaning, like put someones name in like purple on an access sign.

    Well guys, those are my ideas! I hope you like them and think they're creative :)

  2. I thought it was possible with a sig with [More Users] but I am old and crazy.

    Colored signs exist.
  3. Because Character Limit.
    It would be literally impossible to type "HelloKittyRo" and "Kephras" on the same line - just as one example.
    Most usernames are too long for this to be a viable option.

    As for colored signs, Already done.

    Second Edit:
    After rereading a little more carefully - You can't colorize someone's name on an access sign because doing so requires adding additional characters. The code that determines how to allow access would read these additional characters (&#) as part of the name and the functionality would break.
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  4. This system (allowing more players on one access sign) already exists in town through the use of Residence Permission Groups. Follow the link for the wiki page, see here for a guide which I wrote (part 3 is coming real soon now).

    Can't really comment on lock signs (wild).
  5. extended list access signs is already planned somewhere on track.
    It will be managed by a special book that the owner of the lock/access sign can edit to list names in, then those people can access it.

    Unknown when itll be done though.
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  6. Ok, thanks!

    But for the colored signs.. what about for [ ACCESS ] ???
  7. Yeah, but what if the name's where short?
    Wow! That's cool Aikar! Thanks :)
  8. It's basically a waste of time to add, once the new sign update is finished.
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  9. I don't think it's a waste of time, I think it's us full.
  10. Most names are too long to put two on one line... Aikar already has a different way of allowing us to do this planned anyway, as he mentioned :)
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  11. Yes, I know. But what if you can fit both of the names on the sign? What if?
  12. If you can fit them both on then you can fit them both on. But, we're not using developer coding time to do something slightly different and that mostly won't work as compared to Aikar's current plans. In most cases, two names will not fit.
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  13. Ok :)