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  1. Hi EMC,
    Another idea popped into my head, so here goes :D

    Imagine, your (EMC or irl) birthday is tomorrow. You want to do something special for your fellow EMC'ians (if that's a correct word :p). You decide to make a whole lot of cakes to give away to players.
    So said, so done. You made 54 cakes and put them in a double chest.

    The next day, you put a FREE shop sign on the side of the chest and a sign with 'Only take 1 per player' next to it.

    All goes well, until an hour later you get complaints from players that the chest is empty. It appears one player thought it was funny to take everything he could from that chest. Now you have to make more cakes again while you actually want to celebrate whichever birthday you're celebrating.

    Yes, this has actually happened to me :confused:

    So, on to my suggestion:
    We should make a customizable limit to how much one player can use that shop sign.

    What should the player be able to customize:
    • The amount of times one player can use the shop sign
    • If the limit is per x days or just forever (so if the interval is set to 2 days, a player who maxed his limit will be able to buy again in 2 days, but if it's set to forever, the player may not buy from that shop anymore until the shop has been removed or replaced)
    For the ones wondering: yes, I read the Already suggested ideas, but this is not quite the same as 'Rupee limit at shops'
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  2. fBuilderS
    1:1 [:1 is the limit]
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  3. Then it seems like you can sell one for free.
  4. If you have any better ideas just say :) or:
    1 (L:1)
    [SLOT 55]
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  5. Something like this is somewhere on the to-do list.
    I have no idea on any sort of ETA, but I've bugged Aikar about it before.
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  6. First of all a belated happy birthday! :)

    It's probably not a feature I would use but I can well imagine that some shop owners would like this as well. Quite a few shop owners do not appreciate people doing bulk purchases and this would be a good way to prevent that from happening.

    Still, although it does sound like a good idea to me I can't help wonder about the possible impact / overhead this could have coding-wise. Then again; transactions are already logged and retrievable (your rupee history), so I could imagine that it might be possible to assign a specific id to signs which activate this feature and then check for that id in the transaction history...

    Oh well... Just a weekend ramble on my part :)

  7. That'd be great if that'd happen soon!
    But I know there are other priorities at the moment, so focus on the most important things first. *cough* land claiming *cough* dragon tombs 3 *cough*
  8. Haha my birthday was a while ago :D (you should remember that, you gave a written book to me xD)

    Coding-wise: this is possible (hope I don't get too complicated here :p)
    You can save the amount of times a player bought in the shop in an associative array with the player uuid as key and the amount as value. Then when a player tries to buy something, check if the array value for that player is more than or equal to the max amount specified.

    shop_3785370 = array('xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx' => 1); //The player with this uuid bought this item once
    limit = 4; //The buy limit is 4
    if (shop_3785370['xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx' ] < limit){
    //allow player to buy
    } else {
    //say player bought too much of this item