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  1. What it would do:
    The shop flag would prevent a specific player or everyone from using any shop sign on the residence.

    Why have it?:
    If a shop or mall is being built players would be able to roam the residence and admire the construction process. As of now, a residence or shop owner has to remove the move permission or ask players not to purchase anything while they are visiting (but we all know how that goes) in order to complete their shop / mall.

    The shop flag could be used like any other flag:
    • /res pset [player] shop [true or false]
    • /res set shop [true or false]
  2. Good idea I would definitely use this flag if it were implemented
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  3. I would build a diamond hut. and sell diamonds for 1r each.

    /res set shop f

    All jokes aside though, I like this idea. +2
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  4. I think this idea is awesome, could definitely be handy! +1 from me ^_^
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  5. I see no downsides.

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  6. +1 great idea
  7. THis is already planned. And is part of the residence flags overhaul. fyi
  8. #Exposed
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  9. Can't wait for it :D
  10. Well... you will have to. :p
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  11. Do I hear another thread? #EmpireEconomyExposed
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  12. Is it posted anywhere?
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  13. http://track.emc.gs/issue/EMC-53
    With this ticket.

    Note: Track tickets will not necessarily necessarily match up with the actual implementation of a feature/improvement.