[Suggestion] /shop additions

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  1. Head Shop
    • A new teleport in the shop where you can buy MHF heads.
      • Mobs heads, block heads, and bonus heads. (Wiki link) Yes, only official ones.

    Flag Shop

    • Please add a teleport in the /shop that leads to this OR just move it to the shop world. I never got why it's in town spawn and not the /shop.
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  2. lol, herobrine head xD

  3. This would be awesome!
  4. +11 I want to see this added!
  5. I would add only the unobtainable heads, since the other ones would be 200% more expensive...
    +1 sounds good to buy from a trusty source instead from players making them with alts.
  6. the ones not already in game is possible,but its not possible to move flags to /shop.

    shop is a copy from stage, and flags are unique per server, so it cant be part of the world save.
  7. This reminds me, why don't squids drop squid heads?
  8. Well, one good reason to keep the Empire shop and the Flag shop separate is to make sure that people realize that /shop isn't really intended to buy stuff whereas the flag shop is. Even with all the clear hard-to-miss warnings in place (new) people still mistakenly buy from /shop every once in a while.

    Combine the two and I fear you'll only make it worse.
  9. They do. Lol
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  10. I agree with this id be awesome to see these around
  11. With the new static heads, why not just change your skin, make a head, then be done? You can make as many different designs as you want.

    We'll talk about it, but that ^ is a good work around for those that like this.

    As Aikar mentioned, the flag shop cannot be in /shop. That's why it's on each server individually.
  12. Their drop rates are messed up, never got one ever
  13. I was originally planning to make a service for that, but decided that it was impossible. Heads change randomly and you can't predict what skin a head is going to have.
    Has anything changed since then? If it hasn't, then changing a skin to get certain skins is still broken and won't work.
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