[SUGGESTION] Shiny Custom Mobs

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  1. These are rare mobs that have a sparkle. Details? They have double HP and damage, 50% extra speed, spiders are cave edition, creepers are charged, and radiate the particle "happyvillager". When killed, all drop chances are doubled, the player(s) get double tokens, and they have a super rare chance of dropping the a special item called the
    This item is a shiny emerald that is final. Right clicking with the item will cause the user to be "shinnied", giving the user the particles of a shiny mob, resistance II, strength I, and speed II for 5 minutes, with a hour of cool down.

    Also, please know that the mobs that can be shiny are only custom mobs. This includes all Enraged, Minibosses, Bosses, and Event Mobs (Super Turkey, Blizz Ard, etc)
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  2. The devs aren't taking any more mob suggestions.
    They also don't take suggestions that include buffing people.

    Also, i would rather mobs not be shiny. Momentus would look out of place, for example.

  3. -1 sorry but this would be a bit op
  4. We can make it just cosmetic for the shiny charm, and lower buffs for shiny mobs.
  5. +1 more mobs. ;) However, maybe make the shiny emerald not do anything, it will be like a regular mob drop.
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  6. We already have enraged mobs. I don't see the point in have more mobs that do the same thing. Just play on diff 10 for a few minutes and you'll get everything except the shiny charm :p
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  7. First off, yes they do. Second off, there are items that buff in game that debuff as well. They take any suggestions. Now whether they make it happen is a different story.

    We need more items that give particles. It's a missing feature on the server that I really like.

    They don't do the same thing, and diff 10 is a major difference from this occasion. It's not trying to get more mobs. It's not trying to make everything difficult. It's not trying to be an enraged mob. It's adding a spice to the game for people that doesn't use difficulty 10 because they don't wanna have a ton of lost tools/armor.
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  8. @^
    They said in an earlier update that they aren't taking any more enraged mob ideas. I said "mob" in general but meant "enraged mobs". This is (partially) because they already have their own list of enraged mobs to add.
  9. This is just a modification to all custom mobs, not any new enraged.
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  10. I see some new mobs listed, but even ignoring those,
    The rewards for enraged mobs right now are fine.
    Particles cause lag, too.
  11. -1, I don't think having fire and sparkles would be good, especially more lag :p
  12. -1: More lag, basically enraged versions of everything, not needed, it's Pokemon.
  13. I like +1 but don't prioritise
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  14. What I say.
    What it's based on!
    kay, lower particle rates!
  15. I don't like the idea of combining video games and it's not very original.
  16. Notch was inspired to create Minecraft by several other games such as Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, and later Infiniminer.

    Not sure if it's already mentioned, but it sounds like Enraged Enraged Mobs.
    However, it could be cool. IMO, I'd rather have it be Rabid or something dangerous sounding instead of Shiny.

    I guess I am a ±0
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