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  1. I'll get right to it, it's pretty simple:

    The Halloween 2015 (Share Your Scares) event went fairly well, and many people (including staff) felt that it was a great idea for building community. Having a new version of this event with jokes and other funny things would be another great community builder.

    However, one of the primary issues players experienced was players hoarding the books.

    I think that this problem can be solved by distributing the books differently. If there are about 30 books sent in by players, they might be able to be distributed through 5-6 /promos (/promo laughs1, laughs2, laughs3, etc.). It may look a bit bulky when typing /promo, but in this way, every player can get 5-6 books (hopefully promoting sharing).

    If there is any way to sell them in /shop, that would also be a great way to distribute.

    That's basically it - thanks for listening to my rambling!
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  2. i think its a great idea but there is one thing i think is a problem. some people are really good at writing books (im not), but sometimes those people are bad at making good jokes.
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  3. With over 400k people in the Empire, there should certainly be some others who have great jokes.
  4. Would this be for April 1st?
  5. To me sharing stories through writing books seems a little complicated, idk. What if we just share stories through a thread on the forums? A lot of people have a lot to say that can't really be filled through 50 short pages
    but that's just me tho
  6. Well... even thought I wasn't at the festival I can say this is a good idea, thumbs up :D
  7. the bad joke tellers don't have to make jokes (well some of the jokes they will). I know there are thousands of joke books that adults/kids don't read them much cause they are going to work + doing school + playing minecraft all day :D,
    so yeah.
  8. Yes.
    We've already done it with SYS. If anything, you should be able to fit more jokes due to 50 possible pages.

    If this doesn't end up happening, though, a thread will suffice :)
  9. I'm down to make that thread :D