[SUGGESTION] Setting Default Font Size, Family, Color, Etc.

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-1 4 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Ok, so what this suggestion is, is the ability to set a default font Size, Family, Color, Etc., that is instantly set when you make a new post. So for example, I like this font, color, and it in bold. I'm trying to start using only this color, font, and bold. So what this would do is be a way to keep all your posts neat and together, you wouldn't have to worry about remembering to set it every time you post. PLEASE stay ON TOPIC in the comments and DO NOT start ANY arguments.
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  2. Hmm, I like This Idea, I could finally chat in colors on Mobile without doing COLOR=blahblahblah
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  3. +1, because fonts are cool and make you individualistic.
  4. +1 And it makes them easier to read. :p
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  5. I was thinking about this the other day.
    It would be so much easier if it just were to keep the setting you had it on before.
    So for this reason, +1.
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  6. Great point!
  7. I like the idea, but I don't think this would be possible with EMC's current version of Xenforo.
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  8. well, its something i could 'hack on' on the outside of the forum through javascript. Just would have to find the time...
  9. Would there be an option in our user setting to change it whenever we want?
  10. Neato! I get a suggestion that finally has both
    A.) No arguments
    B.) Aikar Responding
    C.) It actually being good!

    Take that Krysyy! I finally won!
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  11. or harder to read.. :p
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  12. I dont really understand the suggestion. Is it making posible a preset for favorite fonds, or something like that?
  13. The idea is to be able to set a default font/color/size combination in your profile, like you set your signature, and have it automatically applied to all of your posts.

    Currently, if you always want to post in blue text, for example, you have to manually set that every time you post.
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  14. -1 anything that takes Aikar away from ingame goodness. Gimme land claims, promos, and level 20 difficulty group battles where everyone gets a dragon egg
  15. My only concern with this would be the possibility of users setting their font preference to colors that are difficult to read. Otherwise, I think this sounds like a good idea +1
  16. You could also say that I won because I have managed to train your mind to know what type of suggestions are useful and achievable. =P
    jk good job Sean. I told you that it was possible
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  17. Buuurrrrrnnnn -- Just saw the hidden text...

    Great idea, in theory.

    And I do hope this only requires an Aikar HackTM, rather than having to update Xenforo...
  18. Basically this idea is to make it so when you set your colors and font on a post, to make it "Default", so that every post you write automatically starts with those settings.

    So that you don't need to go change it every time you post.

    I imagine adding some button "Save Default" that takes the current input styles, and then saves it to a cookie, then on load, auto inserting those style tags into the box. That method takes no modification of xenforo, pure javascript.
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