(Suggestion) Separate Rupee Account

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  1. Just say you own a Village or base of a group of players..You want to have your own treasurer so you can maintain how much money your group decides on spending on projects or other things. You would not want to have your main rupees with your Base Treasurey Rupees because that might cause confusion on how much rupees your group has, so all i am stating is that maybe we could have a group treasurey thing that maybe your whole group could have access to or just a few people.

    Please state why this wouldn't or would be a good idea...
  2. I really like this idea as potential for the new "Frontier" Outposts!
  3. Yea I think its a real good idea for people who want to have good strong wild communities
  4. I also want party chats because i hate switching like /tell bob to /tell bill

    The only reason it would be a bad idea is because someone could steal all the rupees
  5. It could be like @JustinGuy@IcecreamCow This is a group PM!

    I also find it annoying to do that... maybe like a Wild Outpost own chat division? Idk
  6. He could only give certain people access to it
  7. Why not just get an alt account and put that money on the alt?
  8. You have to get an alt?
  9. This looks good!
    well... Another account is not free :confused:
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  10. Who would want to spend money just to do this?
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  11. Same as getting supporter perk pretty much ... will cost money anyways ... only like 26usd ... but it's a one time payment
  12. I'd prefer the suggestion that is being made :p
  13. Actually, ignore what i said - i read it as if you were meaning a separate account for yourself, so you can keep your project funds for the wild separate from your main account.

    As for what you're meaning ... maybe have like /r account add, (name for account) ... then you can do /r (name) add (player name) ... or /r (name) remove (player) ... to set who can access the account ... and then to pay someone from the account do /r (name) pay (player name) (amount) ... to transfer money from your accounts use /r (name) transfer (amount) (send location)...

    Hope this helps :3
  14. Good idea, maybe those accounts could cost rupees, kinda like vault pages
  15. Idk if that would be fair, i thought of that too ... like imagine the person who makes it has to pay, but the people who are given access don't? ...

    On the other hand ... maybe have it so people can have a default limit to like 1 or 2 extra accounts ... or maybe just 1 and the rest you have to pay for it ... but idk - i just think it's weird if you pay for others to access your account :3
  16. This would just be for seperate rupee account to be made for the group. nothing else like that would be included like that