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Groups, yay or nay?

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Yay 21 vote(s) 55.3%
Nay 9 vote(s) 23.7%
IcecreamCow 20 vote(s) 52.6%
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  1. I was thinking a Group feature could be added to EMC, where members could create Groups, similar to Factions on other servers except without PvP. Groups could be created as a means of distributing wealth and goods to a club, to formalize the creation of a business or clan, or simply to give a group of people an identity.

    Commands would be as follows:

    • /group (or also /g, /g h, /group help, /g help, /g ?, /group ?, /group h) - Shows the list of commands.
    • /group [command] ? (also /g [command] ?, /g [command] h, /g [command] help and so on) - Shows info on a specific command.
    • /g create [name] - Creates a new group.
    • /g list - Lists all groups in order of Power, a ratio compiled by TEXP, total trophy point and posts on the forums, total group wealth and number of members.
    • /g show [group name] - Shows info on a certain group.
    • /g power [playername] - Shows either another player's power or your own power if no player is specified. Personal power is compiled by individual TEXP, trophy points etc.
    • /g join [groupname] - Joins a group, invites may be required.
    • /g leave [groupname] - Leaves a group. If you're the leader, you will be denied until you pass the leadership to someone else or disband the group.
    • /ch g Join group chat, I believe it should work in the Wild and Nether.
    • /g d [description] - Allows you to change group's description.
    • /g sh - Sets home at current coordinate, cannot be done outside a group member's residence, if this is done on another group member's residence, they must approve it with /g homeapprove
    • /g rename [newname] - Renames the group.
    • /g open - Makes group joinable without invites, and toggles this off.
    • /g invite - Invites player to group. If not in a group, this shows the invites you've received.
    • /g deinvite - Removes a pending invite.
    • /res gset [flag] [status] - Allows you to set residence permissions to the group you're in.
    • /g title - Allows you to give a lesser rank an honorary title, should you have permissions.
    • /g rankset [number] [name] - Allows you to appoint a rank to someone. All users with a rank of 1 get complete control over the group, all users with a rank of 2 are by default an officer of the group, all users with 3 and below are regulars.
    • /g rankname [number] [name] - Assigns a certain rank number a name for ease of assignment of rank perms.
    • /g rset [ranknumber or rankname] [flagname] [true, false, remove] - Assigns a flag to a rank. Flags include invite, title, designate (giving someone else a rank), permission, kick, autodist, vaultdist, bankwithdraw, vaultwithdraw, taxcall, docs, relations and maybe more.
    • /g rank
    • /g bank - Shows the rupee balance of Group Bank.
    • /g b deposit [rupeenumber] - Deposits money into the Group Bank.
    • /g b withdraw [rupeenumber] - Withdraws money from the Group Bank.
    • /g vaultd - Opens a /vault-style interface allowing one to put items into the Group Bank.
    • /g vault - Opens a /vault-style interface allowing one to deposit and withdraw items from the Group Bank.
    • /g b autodist [rupeenumber] [frequency (how often the bank distributes money, in hours)] - Sets Group Bank autodistribution, setting how much is to be distributed among all members and how often.
    • /g b autodistrank [rupeenumber] [frequency] [ranks (seperated by commas)] - Sets Group Bank autodistribution, setting how much is to be distributed among which ranks and how often.
    • /g b autodistrankq [rupeenumber] [frequency] [rank (all ranks above this rank will receive distribution] - A quicker way of setting autodistribution, where all ranks above a specified rank will have money distributed to them.
    • /g b autodistclass [rupeenumber] [frequency] [top/bottom] [percentile (number between 1 and 100] - Sets autodistribution among a percentile (e.g. the bottom 10% or the top 30%).
    • /g b autodist list - List of autodistribution programs the Group Bank is running.
    • /g b autodist clear - Clear all autodistribution programs.
    • /g b autodist stop [id] - Stop an autodist program with its ID, specified in the Autodist List.
    • /g b vaultdist [itemid] [total quantity] [frequency] - Allows items to be distributed from the Group Vault. Should have similar commands to the autodistribution system.
    • /g b tax [rupeenumber] [frequency] - Removes money from players, depositing it into the Group Bank. It is impossible for one to create a tax program on their own, prompting the command will ask all members to vote, and a two-thirds majority is required to put the program into action. Similar commands to the autodist program may be used here.
    • /g b equalize [frequency] - Distributes the wealth so everyone in the group has the same amount of money every time an equalization is done. Useful for socialist systems.
    • /g b gtransfer [groupname] [rupeenumber] - Allows money transfer from one group to another.
    • /g absorb - Dissolves another group and gains its assets and members. Both groups need a two-thirds majority vote to agree.
    • /g constit - Makes one group operate as a constituent of another, as in a federation. Both groups need a two-thirds majority to agree to this. After the constituent has been designated, the controlling group may propose perms for the constituent using /g cset [constituentname] [systemautonomy] [true, false, remove] to instruct the devolved constituency what it can control and what is directly ruled by the controlling constituency. Again, for any intergroup moves, there must be a two-thirds majority vote on each side.
    • /g doc create [name] - Turns off chat and allows you to write a group document through chat. Each sentence you write is saved into the document.
    • /g doc finish - Stop writing a document you are currently writing and turn on chat again.
    • /g doc edit [name] - Edit a current doc.
    • /g doc list - List of group docs.
    • /g doc view [name] [pagenumber] - View a document in the group and see each page. Chat is turned off.
    I'm thinking this could maybe be interweaved with the new system where Dragon Eggs are used to claim Wild land, what do you guys think?
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  2. If, and only IF this was included, it wouldn't have anywhere near the amount of commands you are suggesting..
  3. I remember Aikar saying that a group system is coming, but I doubt it'll be quite this complex...

    Also, it couldn't use /g as the base. That's the base command for moderator teleports.
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  4. What about /gr?
  5. Support

    I was about to suggest something like this! I got the idea from other game and BLAM you came on first. Either way, looks like you spent time developing it :p
  6. I like the idea. But the commands......0_0 my brain just exploded thinking of remembering all of those. Lol
  7. I know, right? :3
  8. That's fine, but this is still just not EMCy to me.

    Yes, groups, love it! But this just seems designed to set groups against each other. IMO, only allow you to see details on groups you're in, not others. No "power" rankings, no complex doc thingy... just a simple way to make groups to go on adventures together...
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  9. We've had discussions of groups before and likely will do SOMETHING in the future possibly with them. However, it will be much more simple than this and will be designed, as Jack said, around making it easier for friends to play/adventure together...so the commands for it will be a lot less intense than posted in this thread. Very well thought out regardless though.
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  10. Exmaple: LLO on SMP7 is a Group.
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  11. Does spam clicking IcecreamCow in a poll summon you or something? :confused:
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  12. Just hange the command to /m tp. Problem solved.
  13. /m is the senior staff gamemode command :p
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  14. About that money... No. I wouldn't trust anyone with my rupees, even my best friend.
    EDIT: I wouldn't even trust PenguinDJ2!
  15. How am I suppose to know this?? xD

    /s would be sen. Staff and /m would be moderator. Problem Solved ( again )
  16. I like the groups idea not the money into 1 bank or sharing everything, groups should just be for chatting nothing else.
  17. Wasn't the problem in the first place to get rid of /m?
  18. We're not going to change around our whole system for a different feature. We'll just make a new one up for it.
  19. But /g isn't just moderator, it's senior staff and admin too. xP You're supposed to know it in the same way as I do: by somehow knowing the most random facts about EMC that you somehow learnt. And /m isn't just senior staff, it's admin too. :p
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  20. I suggest /z, just to make sure people read the guide.