[Suggestion] separate EMC server option?

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  1. I would like to suggest a Survival Skyblock Residence server. (This is not adding to the current smp servers)

    With original settings of the original server but with these changes.
    - Same size as a normal residence in the original server but as a Skyblock starter island.
    - Spawns enabled in residence (mobs and animals)
    - Hunger enabled (survival challenge)
    - damage enabled

    This server is based on true creativity and every expertise of every minecraft experience to completely create your Skyblock residence.

    Any other suggestion is open. I would love to see this as a server

    Original post: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-for-a-server.29274/#post-560683
  2. Instead of just saying "No" why not actually take the time to give reasons, I'm sure you had the time to do that since you had the time to open this thread and post. Otherwise why post at all?

    Like I said in your other thread, OP:

    I don't see it being an issue since A. It doesn't require Tekkit, FTB or Hexxit. B. Most plugins out there already do the stuff for you like building the island and adding in the items, most servers I've played on had shops, I don't see why /shop couldn't be used. I'd rather play Skyblock with my EMC friends than drag them all to another server to have them spend all their time having to /ignore idiots and we've tried the hosting our own private server, it doesn't always work for everyone to connect.
  3. Fine I'll respond!


    Anyways: Never will happen. Could I set up a sky block server that could be "sponsored" by EMC. Yes. Does Aikar want the community to make one or him himself make one. No

    Sorry, EMC will never have anything but french vanilla


    When dragon tombs come out, make your own sky block in the wild and protect it
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  4. That's not true. :)
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  5. Question, will vault be enabled? If so I can see this being for mob farming or pretty much a farm server.
    Also, I just can't see a Skyblock server happening.
  6. :D
  7. I enjoyed the original skyblock map (never played the newer ones) and completed all the goals. The thing is I played it single player and I don't see what multiplayer brings to it.
    If you want to do a skyblock with friends why not make your own in the wild. Just build the platforms high enough so that falling off kills you, add a chest with the starting items and bonemeal a tree. Clear your inventory and go. The only issue I see is mob spawns will be lower.
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  8. Higher*?
  9. i don't like this idea, at all.. i avoid all servers who broadcast "skyblocks/skygames/hungergames/crap... factions... crap.... townie....crap..."
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