[Suggestion] Select Who can break your blocks!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Ever have those friends that are or are not on your list, bit dont want everyone to have access to your builds/projects out of town?

    Well this will allow players to have a list of who is allowed to break your blocks... for example...

    /gp give {playername} True or /gp give {playername} Remove

    "/gp give Phelps4 True"

    The gp stands for Grief Protection, and using this will add players to a list, like so;

    /gp list - will bring up...

    Players who are able to break your blocks out of town!

    This could work better than just your friends list as there are many players on my friends list i dont want who are able to break my blocks on builds...

    Also A good way to have this, could be per server... to help control it better...

    Feel free to comment,

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  2. /f blockbreak <name> [on|off]
    • Toggles whether or not that specific friend is able to break your blocks
    • Overrides the player setting "Allow Friends"
  3. Oh, :p

    Is there a way to see a list of players who have it?
  4. That's not something I'm able to test at the moment due to my lack of friends, by code.
    I think there is, but you might have to try a few commands.
  5. Well then I'll ask for the suggestion: could it be possible for non /friends to be added to your blockbreak list too?
  6. Not at this time unfortunately. You also need to be careful because using this option without any parameter resets it back to the default (which is to follow the setting in your player settings (/ps)).

    If you only want to allow a small selection of friends to break your blocks then my suggestion is to disallow all of your friends to break your blocks using /ps and then allow a few of them to break your blocks: /fr blockbreak <name> on.

    Reminds me to update my block protection guide with the latest changes. If you're interested, you can find that guide here.

    Sure, by adding them to your friends list ;)

    Adding someone to your friends list doesn't have to be a big deal because you can turn all extra options off (apart from the ability to pick up your dropped items if you died). So your friends don't have to be able to vouch for you or break your blocks.

    Hope this can help too.