[Suggestion] Rupee Vaults

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  1. Idea: Rupee Vaults

    Description: A separtate vault that would allow you to set rupees aside so that you don't accidentally spend them or forget about them.

    Reason for addition: Some people might recieve donations and such specifically for events such as giveaways, parties, etc. Now, if you're working on another project, it can be quite difficult to remember to not spend those rupees donated. This would prevent accidental spending of rupees that you are NOT supposed to spend.

    How it would work: You would open this with /bank or /rupeevault or /b or /rv or something. You would then take a book and quill. Inside you would write a quick description of what the rupees are for. Something simple, like "ICC's Donation to Promo Giveaway" if that's what it's for. You would then sign the book, making the title the amount of rupees you are putting away. You would then open your rupee vault and put the book in. The amount of rupees in the title would then be subtracted from your balance. To claim it, you would shift-click, like promos. The book would then go back to your inventory and the rupees restored to your balance. Best case scenario would be that when you wave over the book with a cursor in the vault, it would display the 1st/2nd lines in the book similarly to lore, if this was possible.

    Restrictions: You would get an error message if you tried to vault more than the rupees that you have. There should also be a small charge for using the vault, anywhere from 10-100r.

    That's it! Let me know what you think!
  2. Hm, interesting.
  3. So a bank?
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  4. Of sorts. But not some sort of thing with interest and stuff, just somewhere where you can basically put rupees that you don't want to accidentally lose.
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  5. "accidentally"
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  6. Great Idea! I have spent 50k yesterday without realizing and this would be a good idea to set a "rupee limit"
  7. spend "accidentally"
  8. I think this is a great idea, for example, I could set aside my money to hire a builder for 18200, and also set aside more cash for buying items and such so I do not spend it all before the time comes around. +1
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