[suggestion] Rupee Transaction Keyword Search Bar (RTKSB)

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Good Idea?

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  1. So, my idea might have been suggested before, might have not, but regardless, I will explain.
    The idea itself is simple, a keyword search bar for the rupee transaction page.
    Now, I read that suggesting site modifications or anything like that needs to be backed up by a pre made module, however, since a word search bar is already on the site itself, it would most likely be easy to add to the rupee transaction page.

    Now along with this, would be a "Bought/sold by mm/dd/yy" thing similar to the search bar we have already.
    What are some of the pros to this?
    • Easy for shop members to see what item has been bought in the past month.
    • Finding transactions between players easily, such as for auctions or companies.
    • If a donation system such as here, is added, it would be easy to see donations.
    • It could narrow down pages to only the past transactions within a month.
    What are some cons to this?
    • Would possibly take some getting used to.
    • Could be annoying for some people.
    • It wouldn't have a use to some.
    So, tell me guys what you think, and add onto the pros and cons. But, always follow EMC rules, and don't derail this thread. Thanks :)
  2. I did actually remember something else suggested, and it wasn't entirely denied, but it was noted that the rupee logs are not stored in a way that can be easily searched, as hinted by this post;
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  3. The way XenForo search works, I'm not sure this would be too easy... And considering what RainbowChin said, it might only be able to search the contents of the page.
  4. I think he was talking about relating on site to in game. :p I just mean a quick word search on the site page >_<
  5. What I posted said that the rupees log isn't stored in a very search friendlyway, even if you are just searching for a few words.
    This could possibly require some amount of heavy database work to rework how the rupee logs are stored, and then possibly, our own custom search tool
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  6. It would require a custom search tool. An extension of the current XenForo search tool.
  7. Ah, ok. :p
    But, I it might be easier to implement then you think; I'll look for a basic module for Xenforo and see if the search bar would be hard to implement regarding different pages.
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  9. It's there on the list, but don't expect it until (probably much) after Dragon Tombs. :)
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  10. Main concern really is that rupee logs is pretty much our 2nd biggest database table, and doing reports on it is super slow... lots of the summaries I give of stuff can take 5 minutes to run a single query simply on 2 months of data.

    We can not open up anything to players that can cause a 5 minute query to run... so something would have to be figured out first.
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  11. Whats your biggest?
  12. That one that shall not discussed...
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  13. My guess would perhaps be square, although I'm probably wrong there
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  14. The ban list... :p

    Probably reports, that could be very big...
  15. But they're all found in square :)
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  16. I was thinking it'd be player info, like position, inventory -- everything. ;3
    Again, it could also be Reses. ;)
  17. Probably the 70,000 .dat files on the server lol
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  18. We're talking about databases here. A database is a single, massive table.