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  1. I have a res I share with someone for storage. I want to let them have access to chests without an access sign but I do not want them to mess around with some items. Things like rates and valuable items. What I think is that there should be a restriction chest. It allows only the owner of the res or whoever is on the chest or whoever is named on the sign to access it (since there are no locked chests in town). If you want someone to be able to access the chests there can be a restriction-access fly which allows a player to access those chests or make their on on the res.

    Like it?
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  2. Yes.
    By all means.
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  3. Hm. So let me see if I understand. You're suggesting an almost a near equivalent of an ACCESS chest, but the players listed are prevented from modifying the contents?
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  4. I love this idea.

    Locked Chest does not feel very town-like but restriction is a must-have name.
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  5. A locked chest in town
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  6. I'm still not sure I understand... Is it primarily to protect valuables?
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  7. No. Let's say I give someone container flag but I do not want them to have access to a chest since I do not want then to mess or steal with it. The sign means only the people on the sign or people with the restriction flag can access.
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  8. Example
    Olaf: Hey Sky, have free container perms!
    Me: Alright! I will go now and steal your diamonds now!
    Olaf: Ha ha, nice try sky. I restricted them so only I can open the chest full of diamonds
    Me: Oh shucks.
    Olaf: Have a million rupees instead
    Me: Sweet! Can I have your supportership too!
    Olaf: Sure, just remember to grief my items.
    Me: No problem!

    Perhaps I went too far in the example...
  9. *Comes out of lurking*

  10. Yes
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  11. Could this be added to all of the other lockable items as well?
    I know [LOCKED] signs work for more than just chests, like doors and buttons.
    So for say if I had a "restricted access" teleport button or door (residence shop staff entry only?), this could help out.
    Though, instead of saying [LOCKED], it says [RESTRICTION] like in your example.

    For your idea by itself: +1
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  12. I think what your asking for is the [LOCK] chest set up that we have in the wild to protect our items and you can add to other ppl to the chest, I guess it would not be too hard to make it work in town, Send it to the staff as a suggestion.
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  13. Does it fit on a sign?
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  14. I agree... But let's not get Aikar sidetracked... I think we are close...
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  15. A reverse ACCESS chest, then. Interesting. +1
    I was following you up until the last few lines...but otherwise clear explanation! Thanks!
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  16. Just a tiny bit too far :p.
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  17. +1 support
    No one will be able to access my secret potato stash!
    wait a second
  18. Yeah that's right... I know where you live... ^.^
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  19. Might I suggest putting a block over it if they dont have build perms?
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  20. Like the exanple, someone has all the basic flags on a red but you do not want them to access the chest for whatever reason.
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