[Suggestion] Resetting spawning-points

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  1. It might sound OP, but don't freak out! Yesterday, I killed a momentus for someone on smp1, but died in the process. Luckily I had my voter armor, however, I spawned at a bed from FNM. :eek: I was really mad, because I had to walk all the way back to spawn. Here is my idea: there should be a command like /set spawnpoint only at the waste/frontier portals. This would allow the player to reset their spawnpoint, thus spawning at the portals. I think it would prevent random bed spawning.
  2. To reset your point just remove the bed....
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  3. I did that, I hope no one wanted to spawn at smp1's FNM. :p
  4. If it's a shared bed do this:
    • Pick up the bed
    • Place it a few blocks away
    • Set your spawn
    • Put the bed back in the original location
    That will clear your spawn while leaving it for others.
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  5. I tried that many times, never worked for me. I just sleep in another bed and destroy it.
    Also I found that the double bed works best. Top bed to delete spawn and bottom to set spawn.
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  7. Weird. Definitely works for me. I do this 3-4 times a day. When it doesn't work for me it's usually one of two things...1) I forgot to click the bed before moving it back, 2) I placed the new spot overlapping with the old.

    Nice! I like that.