[Suggestion] /res tempban [player] [time]

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  1. The title says it all :)
    What would you think?
    It think it would be useful, I know about /res kick [player]
    But this would be helpful, people that dont do what you say like 'Hey Theomglover, can you please jump off :) Im building here atm' If they dont listen you would be like.. /res tempban [player] [time] and you could even do a reason (Optional)
    So what do you think?
    Feel free to comment.
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  2. sweet :/
  3. Why the :/ :p
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  4. why not just set the player to /res ( player name ) move f...............It'll send them flying and you can reactivate there setting at whatever time you feel like.
  5. -1
    What he said
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  6. +1

    It's not something I'd ever use but having helped out plenty of players I know that many still struggle with the permission system. The chest interface helps a lot, but it's not as easy on everyone.

    I'm not too sure about the time feature, but maybe /ban and /unban could be aliased to /res pset $1 move f and /res pset $1 move r? Even that might make it easier and also a bit consistent (if you have /res kick, then /res ban sounds logical to me as well).
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  7. Another thing is the fact that res bands are incredibly rare in terms of practical use, and typically it only requires a simple solution, such as the current /res pset x move f
  8. The residence ban that you are talking about is done by removing the move flag for that player.
    You can simply add the move flag back once you want that player to have access again, thus making it a temporary residence ban.
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  9. What you forget ;)
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  10. Why are you bumping this after you said:
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