[Suggestion] Res Plant Growth Flag!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I made this a while back but no one ever got around to it, but I have idea's to make it more detailed....

    Have you ever wanted to have say Vines that stop growing? or Wheat that says half grown? or even sugar cane stay a certain height?

    The way it would work, is from the time you enter the command, the growth basically freezes...

    /res set Growth:{Plant} False/True

    The {Plant} would be say "Sugarcane", "Wheat", "Vine", etc...

    Let me know what you think of this... Feel free to comment....

  2. This needs a bump! :D

    I was just about to make this suggestion as this is an issue for me and I'd think many others. I messaged Krysyy and Chickeneer awhile back about if there was a current flag for this and they said no. His advice was to use string to stop vines from growing. This worked great for my build but it also can be seen when close and although others cannot break the string, I still can and have. For my build I needed vines to be on certain places and not grow any further.

    I suppose this can be similar to /res set flow false? Is a flag like this possible?
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  3. That sounds great. I hope it's possible.
  4. +1

    I know someone on SMP4 who is always chopping vines away from her front door :D this would definitely help.
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  5. +1 ferm meh!
  6. +1, vines can be a right pest sometimes :p