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  1. Hi gang!

    If you want to know which residences use a specific tag then you can use the /res list command. For example /res list +shop will list all the residences on your current server which have the shop tag applied to them.

    In its current form it groups the residences and displays 6 per page. While this is useful to quickly look things up it's problematic when you try to set up a +directory. Right now I'm looking at 14 pages I have to go through, which is pretty bothersome on multiple accounts. Not only do you need to re-issue (and edit) the same command several times, if you're looking to use the output then you're also looking at editing the logfile to cut out all the extra bulk.

    As such my suggestion: /res list +shop all. The 'all' parameter (or whatever other parameter) would stop the command from grouping the information.

    Thing is: it's much easier to extract one huge list from the Minecraft logfile and then importing that into a spreadsheet so that you can keep a good overview over the residences. This is no longer possible because I first need to remove all the extra stuff which I don't need. And that's also assuming that town chat is quiet ;)
  2. This would make Life a lot easier
  3. Not something I'd use, but I guess it doesn't hurt adding. It's not that difficult to implement either, so

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  4. *If this comes out*

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