[Suggestion] Removal of Staff Heads as Promotional Items & Event Items

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Is Simone a potato?

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  1. Alright I figure I would get a lot of hate for this idea but I wanted to say it anyway. Upon looking at a far outlook of what EMC may become. I notice that not all Staff stay staff (meaning they retire or step off the grid). This goes the same for community managers (Owner is Exempt from this). I don't think its a good idea to have promotional items or event winnings of someone's head because down the road, when they may not be there anymore (time undetermined), newer players are gonna have no idea or clue who that is and it won't literally mean anything to them. Its also not a good way to reward people and in a way just seems a little self centered to me. Example: Firefloor, Why do I win/others win a Orange Krysyyjane9191 head? Why couldn't it have been a Blaze Powder or a special Fire Block (only obtainable through commands/creative mode)? I think this was a poor decision in picking a reward as it revolves around one person and sort of distorts what the Empire is really about. Looks more like Roman Glorification and look where that went. Another example is when Empire Minecraft reached 80,000 forum members, it was nice to have a celebration but to have it glorified around Purple People stuff (Heads and Paper)? It seems that we weren't celebrating a milestone of 80,000 people but we were celebrating them. Almost like worship in a sense. I don't admire the idea of worship and thats what I see a lot of on here. Now as a server, we can't go back and make those changes, they have been done. So those items exist out there. Maxarian Heads, ICC Memorabilia , so on and so forth. Though starting from here, this thread; I think we can make better choices on what we as a server give to our players as a better way to remember that milestone or event. If anything, we can always return to 2011 - mid 2012 where everyone got straight rupees instead of any items at holidays/events. Your call.
  2. Heads of staff should be allowed because most staff become a idol/ figure in the community, if they leave, then the head will be their meoir about them being staff and their impact on their community

    (My opinion)
  3. also, i have had many retired staff member heads which have sold for quite a bit
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  4. I understand the impact idea for remembrance but then a build statue should be done on one of the many 120x120 residences.

    Your response is about personal gain. This is a discussion about the Empire as a whole.
  5. A statue doesn't really capture the memoir of them, + their are already a dedicated section to them in the sphinx with their thrones(as it IS a empire)
  6. I agree with you Roslyn.
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  7. The fact that you were able to sell it for that much is what this thread is against :p
  8. oh... yeah... totally knew that ;)
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  9. Biased poll...
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  10. Simone is 100% legit a potato. #confirmed
  11. I don't think it's wrong to make a staff head a prize. Many players ask for them or collect them and they have value due to people wanting them and depending on how rare they are. I don't think it's much different than any other type of prize/gift. If a player was not impressed with the prize, they could trade it for rupees. It's not supposed to be anything more than a trophy, not intended to be an idol for worship. So that is my opinion on it.
  12. I agree with most/some of this, but have my thoughts on it.
    Let them give away their head for those mob arena events, but don't change it so it is special. Keep it a normal head. If they want to inflate their importance, then let them. I will just sell the head for basically free rupees anyway.

    However, I am against special heads. Keep it to normal heads.

    And items should be separate from staff and players.
  13. I don't agree with this
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  14. Good point, nonetheless I wouldn't consider it worshiping them, but without them we wouldn't be here today.
    I think they deserve the attention, but not in essence where you would be considered glorifying them.
    Just respecting them as a highly esteemed player for who they are, what they do for all of us here on EMC.
  15. it would be unfair for those who have paid to have the luxury of owning a staff member's head especially SS.
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  16. I like the things tuqueque and Enterprises said.
    The staff members are important and a team that holds EMC together. The staff members put alot of their time here on EMC and I think that they should get the recognition that they deserve.

    As you said Roslyn, the part about the new members on EMC doesn't Know the staff, as the older players does. If someone new doesn't Know about a retired staff member, then we can share our knowledge about the staff member and explain why the staff head is worth alot.
    To summarize, I agree with you Roslyn and the other side.

    That's my opinion :)
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  17. I do not agree with this. I own a staff head museum with 30 staff heads in which i have put lots of time and effort into. I buy them on my own terms. The purpose of it is for the community to view and learn. Even if I didn't like the Orange Krysyy prize in firefloor (I do like it :p ) , I would still be grateful that I got something instead of nothing. I think it's all up to your opinion in the grand scheme of things though. You can either like the prize, or not like the prize. Collect, or not collect. It's up to the person who gets it :)
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  18. You missed the point. Read the OP before replying. This isn't about taking away those heads as they do already exist. Im saying for the future of EMC.
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  19. lol I get the point. I am saying that you can like them as event prizes, or you cannot. I personally am grateful and like them as an event prize :)
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