[Suggestion] Reduce chat filter dumbness

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  1. Writing a chat filter that is not dumb is a very hard task.
    So my suggestion is to just make it a little bit less.

    Two things
    • Allow writing of some words in ALL CAPS. Like EMC. And IGNs that are all caps. The simpler the better - Allow for all caps words that less than 6 chars and 1-2 all caps words that are longer than 6 chars in a message.
      EDIT: I think this has been already changed. I just tried to greet someone that has all caps IGN, I've used tab-completion and the filter has changed it to all lower case.
    • Don't block repeated message from different chat channel. When I send a message to a wrong chat, I'd like to be able to send it to the correct channel right away, without the filter blocking it.
    Thousand Thanks!
  2. Yes. So much yes.

    Also: allow the same message to be said twice, [B]OR[/B] make it able to read ' ` and those kinds of things, so you can finally properly correct ":P" when you typed it wrong, instead of having to spam [U]even more[/U] by sending another useless message, and then typing :P again.
  3. +1 This would be nice
  4. This is a good suggestion. Although 100% bugs, not really anything new.

    Sensitivity for the Caps vs. non-caps does need adjusting. I agree that it is not quite where we want it yet. It is based around the idea of counting up the number of lowercase, uppercase, and other characters. And if to many uppercase, then it does things.

    As for the different channel blocked messages. It's not supposed to happen. I think it mostly happens when you get the wrong channel with @.
  5. +1

    Esp. the latter suggestion, this can be so annoying at times. You post a wrong comment, quickly do @x <comment> and wham! blocked :/

    True that. I use @x (x = channel name) all the time and I run into this issue almost every day. Mostly when I set my default channel to something else and then make a wc, and resolve it with @x.
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