[Suggestion] /r shortcut for /reply (DENIED)

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/r for /reply shortcut?

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  1. Most servers have a /r shortcut for replying to PMs, but EMC doesn't. This is likely because the /r command is already used to display rupee balance.

    However, I suggest that adding a message after /r will reply, and just typing /r to show balance. The /r command to show rupee balance will not be removed.
    • /r <message> - /reply shortcut (new)
    • /r - shows balance (current)
    /r would be the quickest reply command to type. Opinions?
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  2. This is not a good idea.

    Edit: Maybe overly blunt. But /r should be for commands related to rupees (current usage). Would just further confuse and complicate our already convoluted command system.
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  3. Agreeing with Chickeneer, you can always just use @@ to reply. Very quick.
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  4. I agree with chicken, /r should be used for rupee things and the command exists already.
  5. @@ is way better. I only ever use @/@@ for messaging.
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  6. Using the same top-level command for 2 completely different things is pretty confusing :confused:
  7. Shift 2 2? I think that is very easy.
  8. I use @@ all the time. All it takes is a little getting used to.
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  9. /r --> two keys
    @@ --> four keys

    Thanks for the response, Chicken. Requesting close. :)
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