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What do you think of this?

I like it 3 vote(s) 60.0%
Sorry, I'm not too sure 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No sorry 1 vote(s) 20.0%
I don't really play PvP.... 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. My suggestion is that there is a scoreboard implemented into EMC for PvP? I don't know if it could be added to the /ps menu or maybe enable when you enter the res? I'm not very knowlegable on all of that so some feedback would be great.

    I thought that the scoreboard could be layed out such as this:



    It's pretty simple but hey it works and I thought it'd be pretty cool to have :) Feel free to comment with both the pros and cons of this idea, also knowing if this would even be possible would be nice.

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  2. That would be too much to track, not to mention from a guy who does friendly PvP (AGA >_>) I think this would lead to more fights and such in the arenas and even on forums. Sorry,
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  3. ...

    Please tell me the last time you saw the AGA in PvP. I'm guessing... September? Maybe early October? The AGA doesn't even exist anymore, lol.

    Matt: This was suggested a little while ago and denied. :( It's impossible to do on the normal SMP servers but Krysyy said it's a possibility on the games server.

    +1 to the idea though.

    Anyone else remember when the games server was almost ready to be released? Was that two months ago?
  4. Well you guys still PvP violently >_>

    I just do it for fun!
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  5. Sorry I didn't know you could PvP without being violent lol ;) We all do it for fun but it's nice to have a little achievement at the end isnt it?
    Also sory I probably should have looked a little deeper. I didn't see that this had already been suggested but hopefully it can be added to thr games server :)
  6. I mean... you do have a point. ;)

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  7. Ahh the pants for me...where's the rest of the tryhard gang?
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  8. Because you're a nub! :p
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  9. would it be possible to have a kill count on a sword?
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  10. Probably, but most likely something Aikar wouldn't implement.

    Also, -1 on this idea. Similar to texp, it would turn into a game of farming.
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  11. PvP requires skill and activity. It'd be hard to farm. Unless you mean killing alts or something, in that case I'd like to see a res ban for scoreboard boosting.
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  12. For this to happen, and to avoid useful farming, I'd like to see only temporary scoreboards so that farming is useless.

    But yeah, I was speaking of alts.
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  13. Honestly why would it matter if people farmed kills from their alts? Woo they have too much time and they are deciding to waste it somthing as silly as a little number. The scoreboard idea in my opionion is just a nice way to have fun with your friends or to keep track of kills.. as a lot of people would like to do :) It isnt turning it into a competition :) Thankyou for the feedback though.
  14. I like the idea. You've covered most of the things, I don't have any thing to add.:)
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