[SUGGESTION] Promos for other country's holidays

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  1. Hello EMC,

    This is a topic I've heard many players complain about on the forums. I am not complaining about getting promos, but it is unfair that the promos are focused on mainly US holidays. I know a lot of other players would appreciate it if there was a promo for their countries holiday. I know EMC is a US based server, but there are a lot of players from other countries. I could see why this would not work, but I think it would help the community giving players a sense of unity. Please consider all of my points seriously. Thank you.

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  2. There is a holiday almost every day somewhere. It would be to much to keep track of.
  3. This in theory is a good idea but as marsh stated above in reality it would have to be like a celebration every single day and chances are someone would get mad about a specific holiday being missed.
  4. I'm not saying to include all holidays from other countries but some would be nice.
  5. I wouldn't go on a server hosted in another country and ask them to recognize American holidays but that's just me. I think it's enough that they hand out awesome items from time to time.
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  6. I totally agree:) We are blessed to get this much at all!
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  7. Ya, you guys are right. We are lucky to get what we do now. :)
  8. I think it'd be cool if we could have some promos to celebrate other countries holidays. Most of the promos have no meaning for me and are just free items.

    What I think would be good is just some simple promos to celebrate a few holidays like Australia Day or something, which may have more meaning for people like me who don't live in America.
  9. Since this is a US-based server, no it isn't "unfair" in the least. It is entirely sensible to expect that a US-based server will focus on US holidays. Now I do get your point, which is that it wouldn't hurt to have a little diversity, and I can't necessarily say I disagree - after all, we do have a fairly substantial percentage of players from other countries.
    But to call it "unfair" or use any other terminology suggesting that said players are somehow being neglected because of it... that I find absolutely ludicrous and take extreme issue with such an attitude.

    Personally, what I think this server needs is fewer promos and special items. Maybe then players would appreciate them more, rather than demanding more.
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  10. im going to start a new thread and each time there is a major holiday in another country someone should post about it and i will throw some sort of celebration at my display to show recognition for it :) all will be great!
  11. We are not having Holidays as the server is based in the US, so we have US holidays, If we had promos for other places there would be one every day. seeing as there are 196 countires then there would be way too many promos to handle.
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  12. Unfortunately as much as we'd like to include non-US holidays in our holiday promos, it's just not plausible. I can assure you that the suggestion is not just being blatantly ignored - it has been looked into and Krysyy concluded that we would need a promo every week to include the entire community's respective holidays.
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  13. I disagree with Kryssy's decision and this is why. I seriously doubt there is a major holiday every week.

    I think we could easily do away with a few of the U.S.-centric holidays in favor of some major holidays in other countries. Surely you have stats on the geographic locations of all the players. Pick the top 4 countries or so and find out their 1-2 major holidays they celebrate and then we can do promos or parties for them. That shouldn't be hard.
  14. You see - this is where the problem lies.

    You can't say "pick "x" number of countries".... what about the multitude of others. To pick just one or two of the main countries would be unfair to the rest represented on EMC.
    I'm from the UK, and I understand what everyone is saying about holidays in other countries, but I must agree it wouldn't be feasible. There are far too many, and you can't cater for just the "main" ones.
    Lets all just be grateful for the promos we DO get.

    An old saying comes to mind here......

    "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" :)
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  15. I don't follow that logic. Picking the top 4 countries represented by EMC is better than picking 1. We're talking major holidays here.

    If you can't agree that is a good idea then how about only celebrating more universal holidays like New Years and skipping the holidays that are only celebrated in a single country.
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  16. The logic being....

    If you pick the "Top 4" countries represented, it is not better if you happen to celebrate a major holiday specific to one of the other countries not in the chosen top 4 :)
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  17. Just try it out.
  18. I feel lucky if I get something from the holiday I don't celebrate or I don't even know of. :D
    I'm from Japan and I had never thought about Japanese holiday promo?? it doesn't make sense to me since I'm playing in US based server. it doesn't mean I don't care about my country but why I have to ask my country thing playing in foreign server. If I want Japanese holiday thing I go Japanese server.

    But if many people think EMC should have other countries holiday promos, maybe better to celebrate more universal holidays like New Year so less promos than more promos. :\
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  19. Which is great until you have people from other countries demanding to know why they aren't represented. What do you tell them?
    Look, I get that it feels a little exclusionary to have US-only holidays. But quite frankly, we have enough just with those - New Years, Valentines, St Patrick's, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. (Did I miss any?)
    We don't need any more promo / events on top of that. Fewer, if anything. Then, as has been said repeatedly already, maybe people will be grateful for what they have (which, ironically is the spirit of this holiday), instead of demanding more.
  20. Here is a list of the Promos in the Wiki listing that are connected with holidays:

    Valentine's Day - Observance in many places worldwide
    Cupid's Bow

    Independence Day - US Holiday
    Freedom Blade
    Independence Day Firework
    Empire Firework: Alternative firework offered to Independence Day firework

    New Year's Day - US Holiday also celebrated in many places worldwide
    New Year's Firework

    Thanksgiving - US Holiday
    Ham Hacker
    Turkey Slicer

    Halloween - Observance in many places worldwide
    Haunted Head
    Headless Horseman Mask
    Spooky Egg

    Christmas - US Holiday also celebrated in many places worldwide
    Holiday Pick

    Saint Patrick's Day - Observance in many places worldwide
    Lucky Bow

    Easter - US Holiday also celebrated in many places worldwide
    Magical Eggcelllent Wand

    Veteran's Day - US Holiday
    Rememberance Poppy

    Of the nine holidays, four are exclusively US: Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day. More than half of the Holiday Promos are not exclusively US holidays.

    In the case of the Independence Day Firework an alternative Firework Promo was offered. You can fire it off for Waitangi Day or whatever holiday you think fits. Also, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day have their counterparts in many countries. Our Labor Day has its counterpart in the UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand Labour Day.

    Our Veteran's Day is usually around the same day as Remembrance Day in the Uk, Australia, and Canada. Note also that we were given Remembrance Poppies rather than Veteran's Poppies this year.

    I'd like to flip the discussion around and ask what specific holiday(s) would be appropriate given the information I've presented above? The only suggestion I have seen so far was Guy Fawkes day. It was indicated by someone earlier this week that it was a holiday in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, but when I went Googling, all I could find was that it was an observance rather than a holiday in the UK. It wasn't listed at all here for Australia or New Zealand: http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/new-zealand/

    My thoughts on Guy Fawkes day is that it is too close to Halloween to be eligible and more people are familiar with Halloween. If you really want to celebrate it, you could pretend that the Headless Horseman Mask is a Guy Fawkes Mask or something.

    Since the original complaint earlier this week was made by someone from New Zealand I looked through the calendar I linked above and the only national holiday that was not already represented with a similar one or close to another's date was the Queen's Birthday and frankly that would leave many of us scratching our heads as to what it is about. I'm not sure her good health is celebrated universally anyway in countries descended from the British Empire so it might even be worse than nothing.

    I think that EMC has done a good job at representing the major holidays that most of us are familiar with and Aikar has pretty consistently gone out of his way to make us happy, whether we deserve it or not.