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  1. Hello EMC,

    I would like to have the ability to postpone a supporters as this is a great idea in many ways because some players spend 400k on a diamond voucher, activate it, then 5 days later they have to go somewhere for 2 months, so they did not get to even enjoy their supportership because they had to go away due to unforseen events.

    Thank You,
  2. -1, if you knew you were going away for 2 months, then why would you activate it 5 days before you leave :p
  3. I mean you had to have it activated. In my opinion if you didn't know you were going somewhere for two months then something is wrong.
  4. I'm with huckleberry up there. Sorry, but also -1. Be 200% sure before activating. My take: this stuff is special and IMO should not be treated as a mere commodity which you can turn on or off as you please. Where's the speciality in that?

    Sorry, I like the suggestion but I do not agree with it.
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  5. In the example the player did not know he would be going away so he did not know that he should've waited to redeem it.
  6. It is say your parents pull a surprise vacation or something like that and you did not know.
  7. Well, if you were going away for 2 months, at some point you would have to know, to pack etc :p
    Edit: There is a chance this could happen, but its a suggestion that I feel some players would abuse.
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  8. First off, I suspect it is less than 1% of the people who get a surprise vacation for 2 months. Sadly, this is a -1 from me, as it is too much work for such a small problem.
  9. Note that it's an example, has it ever happened to you or someone you know?
    Not trying to be annoying and pick at some of the details, but it you can afford to go somewhere for two months then shouldn't you be able to afford supporter ship? :p
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  10. Dude just do you think it's legit or not?
  11. Yes to me once.
  12. Well I wasn't supporter at the time but a vacation like that has happened to me before.
  13. Whether or not it has happened to you before, that's a tiny proportion of the population of EMC. I just think it's too much of a struggle for such an unimportant issue.
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  14. Correct answer to the dilemma: Message me on the forums. I can deactivate your supportership when redeemed with a voucher and reactivate it when you get home.
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  15. See, krysyy understands it.
  16. In that case appeal to Senior Staff but do not make a suggestion which could affect the whole server. I am pretty sure that if this would happen to you and you appeal to Kryssy with your story then she'll at the very least hear (read) you out. Kryssy is not unreasonable, in fact; FAR from it. But do chose your platform wisely.

    This is a request to change the whole server, I do not agree to that. But if Kryssy were to cancel your subscription and allow you to redo it at a later date then I'll be the first to cheer her on. PM her, ask, explain and await what happens next.

    just my 2 cents.

    I got ninjad. awesome, I was proven right this time ;)
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  17. -1! It's not like people have NO idea that they are going on a vacation immediately. Besides, just do what Krysyy said.
  18. -1, I'm sorry I just can't answer, my brain hurts too much from reading the description.
  19. If its a suprise vacation, then one of those two months has free derelict protection.
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  20. So, from seeing what krysyy said, this was approved/already added?