[Suggestion]Portal Teleports

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  1. Simple enough, what I think we need is a teleport sign which produces an "portal" very similar to the ones at spawn.
    You would make them the same as regular teleport signs but with "pteleport" on the first line.
    It then generates an area a few blocks above the sign where people get tp'd if they step into it.
    If this got implemented, it would allow minigames/events involving tp pads to run a lot smoother as 50+ trying to get onto the same pad doesn't normally work too well :)
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  2. I have a feeling I know your inspiration :3
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  3. Well, I wasn't going to point it out directly, that wouldn't be fair as lots of events will suffer from it, not just that one.
    I was thinking of how it could be improved, and as I went back to spawn, it hit me :)
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  4. I totally forgot about portals. +1

    Edit: Also, end portals could also be useful.
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  5. This is a great idea. I know multiverse(which EMC uses) has a feature sort of like this, just without the TP signs :p
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  6. or get the netherportal TPS sign to be implemented quick, as that will also fix the issue ;)
  7. Yes, perhaps added as new senior staff service (as end frames are creative only) to make a pretty awesome looking teleport
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  8. Isn't/wasn't there a way to use nether portals to do this?
  9. If you place a sign under a Nether portal and write the player's name or res number of the destination. The portal will lead to the specified residence. Only downside is it doesn't support RTS :/
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  10. It initially was buttons instead of pressure plates - but we didn't want to give out use perm - and writing access signs would have taken forever - so thus krysyy made pressure plates
  11. Which is a good little feature, but maybe people wouldn't want to set up an Nether portal for each tp, particularly if its going in a small space.
    An idea came up with was that simple teleport signs could have been used, with people right clicking them.
    But anyway, this is not me saying "yo, you should have done things this way", it's merely what I feel is an improvement for future events.
  12. Rts for portals have actually been added to tracker before emc was updated to 1.7 ... and yeh I thought about having teleport signs - but then the coords would be visible and then it would be easier to know what room you were in :3
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  13. I do see a track for nether portal feature signs, but not one close to what I'm hoping for.
    I think this would be a nice replacement, or could work alongside it, simply as a new type of teleport sign.
  14. I doubt this is possible (if it were to use multiverse) because we would all need access the the admin functions of MVP, which obviously isn't possible.
  15. I think we can assume that Aikar could find a way around that.
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  16. If possible, this idea would be great! I have had many events where there were too many people to fit into the crammed space to press the button. This would be a good idea to implement :)
  17. This would have been really helpful, Yesterday at krysy's party lol
  18. Aikar seems to be working on nether portal feature signs,it says so on the tracker.
  19. I think yea, this totally would help. :p
  20. As I've said, the nether portal feature signs will be great once included, but there will be many occasions where you wont want a nether portal everywhere for each tp, I think this will go along nicely with it.