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  1. Ok, so for the most part, people ignore each other due to things said in private messages. If I ignore someone, I still want to see what the have to say in town chat, because other players can back you if something mean or impolite is said. They may be selling something, or trading something that you want, so you could still hear and reply back if you want. So I think if we should also have /pmignore. /ignore would still do the same thing, but /pmignore would still let you see that player's chat in town, economy, ect. , but they cannot pm you. Tell me what you think. Thanks :)
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  2. +1 this. I would like a /pmignore and a /townignore or something of the sort.
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  3. I would like a command where you can turn off all chat channels but still get pms instead of having to turn off all channels individually.
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  4. I'm a little confused. Why /ignore them in the first place if you still want to hear what they're saying?

    I can understand where you're coming from, but isn't it fair to say that if you strike a deal in Economy chat you usually round it up in PM again? For example; talking about details such as "where do I pick it up" or "can you mail it to me" is usually done in a PM.
  5. When someone is bothering you in a PM, they wont go out of their way to post in town chat since they wouldn't want to get muted. Most of the time, when I ignore someone, it's not because I don't want to hear what they're saying, I just don't want to deal with PMing them. Some people act different in town chat and PMs, ya know. ;) This eliminates most of the problem. If they try and come to your residence and continute bothering you, then just take away their move flag.

    If you need to PM each other for economic purposes, then you could /unignore them then /ignore them after. Still +1 for this idea. :D
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  6. Cool idea. Is this like a form of/dnd, but just to specific people?
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  7. You can turn off certain channels, I turn town off very often. lol
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  8. Pretty Much :)
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  9. I kind of like this idea, though perhaps it would be better phrased as /dnd [playername] since as Crazy_TJ said it essentially carries out the same function. I can definitely see why you wouldn't want somebody constantly making your computer ding with annoying messages but still want to see, say, that cheap offer for a cool promo in Economy Chat or that response to another player in Town Chat.

    Frankly, this doesn't seem necessary to me. It isn't that hard to just type in one, click the up arrow, and then replace the letter of the channel with T, L, S, R, or E. Usually you don't even NEED to ignore all of these channels. Seems like just another command that can be accomplished with two seconds more of typing, but maybe that's just me.
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  10. Yeah, it's not that hard but I'm just really lazy :p
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