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  1. Hey EMC,

    I e
    Would type a massive page but on cell.... anyway what if there was a section somewhere on the player list on tab it would so you your ping.... this would help as when you doing something, you can see you ping with a click rather than typing in a whole command.

  2. Read following reply to a similar suggestion
  3. That's the tps that is server. ping is player base connecting to bungee.

    Try it yourself,

    Two different things.
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  4. the answer is still the same. we cant show information from the server on the tablist outside of the server name, outside of the player entries themselves.
  5. I am sure it is Possible, as if the Ping Bars are linked here, there must be a way to display it....

    I also have a test server that i build on, that has a plugin for it,
  6. If we handled tab header/footer at server level ,yes, but we don't. We handle it on the bungee level.

    We would either have to change how we handle header/footer to be server level, or setup a data passing system.

    neither of which im not wanting to do as theres more important things to work on.
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  7. It's okay, Aikar, we know what you mean ;)
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