[SUGGESTION] /ping and /ping [player]

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Yes or No my friends?

Yes 9 vote(s) 81.8%
No 2 vote(s) 18.2%
  1. Well I heard mods cannot check this so I am suggesting a command so we can. It is also an interesting thing to know when people are hitting crazy combos at /pvp... just like me :p Nothing to fancy I believe. Should be easy right. Just a little thingy. Yea... meow. I tried to find this at the commands wiki page and couldn't so... if this exists I'm sorry :) Could help to find suspicious people too :)
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  2. What does this command do? You didn't really give us an explanation...
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  3. It shows you ping/player's name ping :p Sorry for not specifying xD
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  4. What is ping?
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  5. Simplified, it is basically saying how good your internet is and/or how close you are to the servers.
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  6. ping is how many ms (milliseconds) it takes for you to get a response from somewhere, it tells you how much lag you are getting, or how much lag you aren't getting
  7. I don't get it.

    I mean; doesn't hitting tab tell you this already? Sure; just for the server you're on but shouldn't that be enough?

    Sorry to say, but I really don't see any added value in this. I mean; when my friend comes over to my res and we're having a good time; who cares about ping times?

    If I want to know I can always ask him for his IP address, then issue a ping manually on a command line (even in Windows) :)

    I like the suggestion, but I just don't get / understand the added value here.
  8. Tab doesn't tell you, and
    I have no friends that hang out at my res ;-;
    It adds easier hack noticing and it just is an interesting thing to know... Not that important... As I believe I stated. But interesting. Not hard to implement I believe. Ping can vary on different servers. Since the servers are not in your computer :)
  9. My computer logic:
    5 ping on Gmod

    300 ping on Minecraft
  10. i generally get 40 ping to East coast servers, and 50-60 to West coast
  11. Hmm. So its like a command to see your friend's internet status?
  12. Hold tab for the player list and how many bars they get. Completely vanilla!