[Suggestion] Personal Command Shortcuts

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  1. Hello, community! I've had an idea, and I want to share it with you all!

    What is it?
    My idea is that you can type a certain command, and you can create shortcuts for longer commands. Different supporter ranks can set different amounts of shortcuts!

    What are some of the commands?
    /sc set [FullCommand] [CommandShortcut]- Sets a new shortcut command
    /sc del [CommandShortcut]- Deletes a shortcut
    /sc list-Lists all the shortcuts you've set, and what they are set to
    /sc rename [CommandShortcut] [NewCommandShortcutName]

    Earlier, I also mentioned different supporters can have different amounts of ShortCuts.
    Normal (Quartz Supporter ;))- 5 ShortCuts
    Iron Supporter- 10 ShortCuts
    Gold supporter- 25 ShortCuts
    Diamond Supporter- 50 ShortCuts

    What are your opinions?
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  2. Bumperoonies
  3. +1 this is a great idea due to some of EMC commands being difficult ;)

    For example: I do /send mail instead of /mail send
    /send mail sounds more appropriate and formal from where I come from ;)
  4. This is a nice idea, creative :3 This would be helpful for the bigger commands that are harder to remember.
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  5. Sir bumpalicious
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  6. +1, But you do know that you can do /res pset [name] then a gui comes up where you can choose perms for that player, so you don't have to remember all of the commands
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  7. The only issue is how things are stored in the game for all commands.

    I could potentially see the ability for a /+send mail so the system recognizes it's not a real command. Otherwise it would yell at you with 'YOU DO NOT PERMISSION TO EXECUTE THIS COMMAND.'

    This one is an up in the air thing due to perhaps over complicating things with the system.
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