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  1. This idea has originally been suggested a very long time ago (2012) by jkjkjk182 but the reason I decided to re-suggest is obviously because it was very old and it had no staff/developer input.

    The idea is simple. Players would be able to give other players a per block flag. Per block means a specific block, e.g. dirt.

    I want to give mba2012 a job to farm on my residence, but not give him full build access. I have a wheat farm. I give him flags to destroy wheat crops (Item ID 59) and flags to place wheat seeds to replant (Item ID 295).
    Example of command
    /res pset mba2012 destroy:59 (the block's ID) t
    /res pset mba2012 place:295 (the block's ID) t

    There is a possibility to just use the block name instead of the ID, but that might complicate things?

    Uses for this?
    Well this can be used for jobs that require block access, but many people will not want to give full build access, so this is where people can use per block access. It would be useful for farming and events such as spleef? I'm sure people will be able to come up with more uses too.

    EDIT: This is a planned feature. http://track.emc.gs/issue/EMC-53. I'd still like to hear what you think though!

  2. +1 :3
    I see how it is.
  3. Tremendously useful for odd jobs and build assistance.
  4. This has already been suggested by me and others, and has been in the works
  5. I think that this should wait for 1.8 with the new ID system
  6. He mentions this in the very first line of the original post.
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  7. chickens in the middle of working on this, just he needs to tweak it a bit more so he can send it to me in a smaller change which hes working on
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  8. Then I think it's apparent he didn't really do too much research cause developer input has been given as PenguinDJ also says here :):
  9. Yeah, I wrote some code which makes something similar possible. But I don't particularly like the way it works. Trying to get the other improvements out first.
  10. Developers are already working on it :cool:
  11. I like this idea
  12. To be fair, until about a week ago, that issue was buried under over 600 other issues and hadn't been touched in almost 2 years so I think Jake was right to assume that there hadn't been much (if any progress) during that time period.
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  13. Actually been working on some Residence improvements starting 2.5 weeks ago now. hehe. And the backlog (Unresolved tickets); is almost down to 100. http://track.emc.gs/issues?q=project: Empire #Unresolved
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  14. Devs are working on it
  15. Yes, as it's been stated numerous times now.....
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  16. I'm aware.
    My reaction is the same as Jake's:
  17. It wasn't my idea to start an argument, but as I posted first I believe I should follow up:
    Really? You don't say? You should have just quoted me and left a reply there, because those replies honestly aren't helping too much.
    This comes off rude to me and I'm sure some other people. I'd put some more thought into your posts, especially if they have a chance to offend people.

    So to anyone else who thinks it's appropriate to post here that this has already been suggested, look at the posts above you. It's already been done.

    I am truly sorry if my OP came off rude, as it was never my intention. I fully support this idea and the thread being made, because:
    Can we all stop dwelling on this and use this thread to suggest improvements, etc to what's planned? Use the Suggestion Box as it was meant?

  18. *Off the second time you quoted me*
    I wasn't really trying to be rude there, I've just always believed that before you suggest something you should do the most research as humanly possible before telling a community about it, as it could of been suggested already countless times, already be a thing, denied previously, or in the works.