[Suggestion] Paying players through the site.

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Good idea?

Yes. 17 vote(s) 58.6%
No. 5 vote(s) 17.2%
Maybe with some improvements 7 vote(s) 24.1%
Propably not 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I participate in a lot of auction here on the forums and I was thinking there should be a way to pay through the website. The reason I suggest this is because when I do win I am not at my computer to get on and pay but am at my phone.
    So I was thinking the way this would work is you would go to the Rupees section on the forums and then on the top of the page their could be a box that says something with a title like "Pay players through the forums" and with a body like "Pay players rupees with out having to be on one of the servers."
    And to prevent someone from just sending some one who left their account logged in's Rupees to them selves (although is would appear in the Rupees History). They should be required to enter in their Minecraft password before taking them to a page that says "Which player do you wish to pay?" Then showing a search box where they can search for a player registered on the site to send the Rupees to" Then underneath that would be a box asking them how much the would like to send to that player.
    And probably just to be safe after you send it there should be a box come up saying
    "Are you sure you wish to send (Player name here) (Rupee amount to be sent here) Rupees?"
    Then below it a button for Yes, and then to the right of that says Cancel. Choosing Yes will send the Rupees from your account over to the other player, and choosing Cancel will close the box and allow the player to make edits to the player or Rupees they wish to send.

    Any ideas to improve this, feedback, thoughts, or concerns? Post them in the comments, I would love to hear it!
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  2. That has been suggested before and I think it is in consideration. I personally would love to be able to pay people through the site.
  3. Type in their minecraft password?

    No just no...
  4. I don't see why a Minecraft or Mojang account password would be necessary. There are many on site services that take effect in-game; for example supportership, voting, promotional rupees.

    This would be an awesome feature because often I mention in a thread that I will donate some rupees or I remeber I need to pay someone however I'm on my mobile device... It'd be very convenient to simply go to my rupees tab and pay someone through there! :D
  5. Bump.
    So do you guys think there should be an extra form of security beside having to entering your password? Because I have another idea for a form of protection.
  6. Simple... If you are on your phone.... Use MineChat... Or wait....?....
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  7. Well, you can get easily scammed with this system for auctions. Say if you wants 100,000r for Tims DC of Aikar. Tim says: Hey pay me using the website and I will send you Aikar. You send 100,000r and Tim does not give you the Aikar. Tim would get banned and you would lose 100,000r.
  8. Actually, when someone is scammed out of rupees, they are returned to him/her.
  9. It's on the to-do list I believe. :)
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  10. I think you should be able to pay through the site.
  11. Something like this can easily happen in game as much as it would on forums.
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  12. Not if you use a chest shop.
  13. So you use a chest shop? To handle auctions?
  14. I answered the other suggestion threads on this, so i'll re-say it... this would be potentially bad... Websites, unlike actual minecraft client, can be accessed and left on on multiple devices... Therefor, if a another person has access to the same computer or network that you do, they can freely give out your rupees...

    And when you technically think about it, if you just randomly receive rupees from someone - that's not considered a scam; and if you have your rupees drained because of a mis-fortuned account breakage, that would be considered grieving because once it leaves their ownership it is then yours - and, also, if the money is returned to the player that had this happen to, that would be exploitation because the money is technically doubled.

    So only way to not have either of these problems from occurring is to keep all form of transactions from not taking place out of game.

    Edit: I just re-read that you had the password part, put in your original post... This might not be a bad idea, but I still wouldn't think of it as safe, because most browsers have a 'remember password' setting after filling out boxes.
  15. Sell half the items in the chest for half the price. They just buy it, unload their inventory and buy again.
  16. I would liek to get paid through the site L [] L