[SUGGESTION] Pay Tokens in game

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  1. You have rupees. But why not tokens! I was thinking, you can possibly buy promos or anything with tokens/rupees. Tokens can help you with changing a residence biome, and a little more things. Shouldn't tokens have something better than change something with your residence? Why are tokens even here if they are useless? Might as well give them more of a use. Payable option for tokens. Transferable, and changes stuff on your residence.
  2. Tokens will be usable for other items in the future, rest assured. These will never be transferable or usable to buy standard items, though, that's been clear since their introduction.
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  3. Plusss wun!
  4. Tokens are intended to have use in the future, particularly with the advent of the Dragon Tombs update on EMC.

    They are not intended to be transferable; rather, they are intended to be earned by the player themselves by performing certain challenges.
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  5. Forever ago it was planned that tokens will be used to help players buy protected land out in the wastes/wild/something of the sort, and since then we've had quite a few token only purchases. The Avalauncher was a great use of tokens, I bought two of them myself. They now sell for 300-400k, and were worth the investment to me.

    I think you should save as many tokens as you can, who knows when we'll need them for a superior promo/event? It would feel silly to have spent your tokens on diamonds or whatever only to turn around and see that you can buy a residence, or something of the sort.

    If you really need rupees, you can always vote for the server. One of my voting streaks awarded me with 60k plus a couple vouchers that I turned around and sold for an additional 10k a piece.
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