[SUGGESTION]Pay-to-access signs.

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  1. This is quite self-explanatory-a pay-to-access sign.The options you would have when placing it would be these-
    -Payment for entering/buying access.
    -Amount of access time
    -A last line for something like 'Hotel access' or 'Shearing Center' or just a reason.
    Why would this be useful?
    -It would be useful for hotel owners and other places that you have to pay to enter.
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  2. It would be a bit more lazy than to to use something like get dirt for [amount]r (and put it into a hopper), use comparators, Piston door/iron door. Also it would be a bit hard to implement.
  3. Well, I think it is better and easier to do it manually, I think this might require a lot of coding too.
  4. Well, maybe this could work side by side with subzones, when they come? It's just a thought.
  5. 1 dirt in DC --> Shop sign buying dirt for x amount (x = whatever you charge) --> Comparator out the back of the chest --> inverter --> dropper to put 1 more dirt inside the chest everytime dirt is bought (keep the dropper stocked at all times) --> hook up inverter to trigger your door.
  6. Uh xHaro_Der? No need for a dropper, if you have trust and optionally a little more dirt [and a chest]. Put a hopper next to the chest so it is always full.
  7. I can't exactly set up ticket systems like that on every hotel room door.
  8. The comparator won't work right then.. There should only be 1 item in the chest at any given time or the comparator won't give correct output :)
  9. What if someone makes an access to something completly and udderly useless that still costs money? or promising something like beacons and scamming them?
  10. I made a tutorial on this about 5 months ago - HERE ...if you need help knowing how to do a different design or to better understand something, say auto farms, fireworks, dispensers, trade system, doors, trap doors, pistons, etc - i could make a tutorial on it if you'd like.
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  11. That's why RS'ing the shop signs we have now is much better than having to code this. That way it's your fault if you waste your money on a shop :)
  12. Well, technically you don't know if it would be hard to implement, because your not aikar. :p
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  13. Aikar
    is true. :p
  14. They can't exactly promise beacons and you don't HAVE to go through any doors.
  15. Oh, Jean did that but I guess he only had one item.
  16. Aikar* xD
  17. Huh?
  18. Or he used the 23 item trick. On 23 a chest gives out 2 signal on a comparator, on 22 it gives out only 1.
  19. I think this would be a great addition to Empire. The easy way to do this would be paying to teleport within a res. (If you are paying to open a door, then loads can get through every time it's open)

    Basically, you have a normal Buy sign, and clicking on it will teleport you to the other side of the block the sign is attached to. You could even make it so it only works if the sign is placed on a glass block (so you can see where you are being teleported to), to avoid scams.

    I started a similar thread some time ago: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/using-signs-to-sell-teleports-within-a-res.11744/

    I'd really like to see paid access within residences in some form.
  20. I think I just worked out a system based on my gift card system for doing this.It's not easy to make and is easy for lots of players to get in when it was only for one.