[Suggestion] Pack Openings? (Whatttt!?)

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Yes! 7 vote(s) 35.0%
No.. 13 vote(s) 65.0%
  1. Introduction:
    Well for you people that play other games like Call of Duty BO3, Madden 16, CS:GO, NBA 2k16, and so on, you might see how all of these games are coming up with something new, and that is pack openings that give you certain cool things to use in game. This is on the uproar and becoming huge in my eyes. I could see a lot of games starting to do this and why not hop on this train and add something similar to EMC?

    This is how it would work:
    You could buy certain "packs" (or whatever you want to call it) with either tokens or rupees and get different cool in-game items. We could also have different packs with Rare items, or common ones depending of prices and so on.

    Solving some issues this could bring:
    I could see people trying to buy these and sell them for a even higher price to gain money for them selves. To fix this problem, make them not droppable, or only where you can buy them on the forums.

    Leave feedback below about what you think!
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  2. Microtransactions are bought with real life money. I don't think he's suggesting that you would buy them with real money, although correct me if I'm wrong.
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  3. This would only work if these items were sold by the empire shop and were not transferable, but I think it's unlikely that they'll add that to the game. In my opinion it would do more harm than good, with people complaining that they "tried 20 packages and got nothing good and whatshisname got something on his first try" and similar things.
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  4. I don't want EMC to turn into Valve. Save money, live better, life on EMC.
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  5. Agreed.

    We already have cool events like 400k event that gave people a chance at rare items. With enough money people could have a chance at many rare items, dropping their rarity and value. Keep promos to special events, holidays, etc.
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  6. So pretty much you could buy bonus chests from /shop? =P
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  7. CS:GO aside, Valve doesn't do microtransactions. I think you're thinking of EA, the microtransaction king. (Is there a single EA game without some form of microtransactions?)
  8. I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Initially, I decided against it, but I do suppose it isn't real money. Then again, we already get items from various events and promos, so I'm not sure why we really need more. I'll be sure to follow the thread to look at other people's replies.
    Need for Speed 2015 doesn't and the upcoming DLC is free for everyone too! :) Quite shocking coming from an EA game to be fair :p
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  9. Although the Need for Speed before that made you buy gas with real money :p
  10. The Need for Speed before that was a fail and that's why they've made this new game to make it so much better :p Need for Speed has never been the same since the Most Wanted 2005 and Carbon days, but this thread is for packs, not for reminiscing xD
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  11. Adding this would be interesting as a drop from the bosses on EMC. If I were to add it, I would make it extremely rare.
  12. No. Micro-transactions make the game pay to win.

    Even if you weren't, getting things that provide advantages by CHANCE is bad. It's why games like Advanced Warfare received so much hate for the supply drops. You got things that made you significantly better and that's unfair because it's all "luck".
  13. This is going to get a -1 from me because its so easy to farm tokens and rupees. It just sounds like something everyone would hate and be salty because someone got a super rare thing and sold it for 2k to a collector.
  14. I'm neutral here as I wouldn't really care for this myself, but...

    It would be pretty awesome if you could make such a "pack" yourself. For example: stuff items into a sc, then do some magic and turn that chest into a "pack" which you can then give or sell or whatever to other players. That would be pretty neat.

    So basically you wouldn't be selling 4 armor items, you'd be selling 1 pack consisting of one full suit of armor.

    That could be interesting ;)
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  15. I've thought before that it'd be cool to be able to sell multiple items through one single shop sign, like a special deal or a combo, but I don't know if that's the way to go.
    Think about all the info you would have to convey about the items inside that small hud: enchantments for armor/tools, speed and jump for horses, promo horses used or unused, etc. It'd be too cluttered.
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  16. +1 from me. I like the idea in a general sense as long as it were only bought by in-game currencies (rupees/tokens) only. I also feel like if it were implemented, it would be best to only have a command to buy the pack and after the command is executed, send the item(s) straight to your inventory to avoid any problems like the Bonus Chests that were given out for 300k members
  17. What part of this says that he wants them to be microtransactions? No need to jump to the conclusion that they would be microtransactions without even reading the OP.
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  18. Most wanted=bae

    I don't know...In my opinion this suggestion does not really sound appealing to me. I really don't have a reason not to like it, just don't. We'll see if anyone comes in with a good argument why we should add this.
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  19. That's what preview chests are for. Stick one next to the 'pack' shop with the items in it and that handles that problem. More bulky, but easier to manage and more readable.

    I do see the same problems here though that everyone else has listed. I'm still on the fence, but leaning slightly to liking the idea. I'll also be following along to see if anyone else can push me to one side or the other.
  20. I'm no fan of pay to win stuff which this is basically since you are paying money to get stuff to give you an advantage so -1. Sorry.