[Suggestion] Pack Away Chests

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  1. In Minecraft 1.8 creative mode, you can ctrl+middleclick a chest with contents to get a chest in your inventory that holds those items, which you can place down. I'd like to suggest the ability to "pack away" chests using a sign at the cost of tokens. To pack away a chest, you place a sign that reads "pack" on the first line on to a chest with items inside, and it would pack the chest into your inventory to be placed later. Packing a double chest would only pack the half of the chest that the pack sign is placed on, so you'd have to pack both halves individually.

    I was thinking that packing a chest would cost 200 tokens in town, and either 1000+ tokens or be impossible in the wild. This way, there would be another use for tokens (another incentive to fight custom mobs and/or vote). The final prices would obviously be decided by EMC.

    This feature would allow players to easily move large amounts of items between residence and between the town and the wild. It would help with moving items in large auctions or taking a lot of building/survival supplies from your res to the wild.

    Limitations: First off, you shouldn't be allowed to put a packed chest into any container. That would be way too overpowered and probably cause problems for the server (except maybe an anvil to rename). Next, there should be a large cost to pack something in the wild, because it would have an impact on mining trip/adventuring duration.
  2. This would make it a bit more realistic.
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  3. +1 i would love this
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  4. Maybe to just be able to have 1 type of item before you pack it, so it would be a SC of cobble. I think thos would make it easier for the server to handle
  5. +1 I have so much tokens that are just sitting around.. :p
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  6. I like that you addressed the wilderness issue. Maybe let supporters have cheaper packing in the wild, to replace the forever in the future wild-vault: "Supports may soon be able to do this" message :p
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  7. +1 awesome idea! i never can spend my tokens i only have 2k tokens
  8. +1 but this would be hard to program
  9. +1 Awesome idea!
  10. True, but the functionality is already there. Ctrl+middleclick in creative creates the chest item. Soulbound items can't be moved in an inventory when the anvil is open, so they can apply something similar to packed chests when a container is open. Detecting text on a sign is already a thing. The main new thing would be charging tokens, but chest signs charge rupees, which I'd imagine is similar. All the parts are there, all that's needed is a bit of duct tape and glue. :)
  11. +1 from me!
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    and +1 from me :)
  13. 250 tokens in town
    10,000 tokens in the wild.

    Make people work for luxury. :cool:
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  14. I like that better. The first numbers were just off the top of my head.
  15. that's a brilliant idea! it will make transporting larger amounts of supplies easier for those who want to build far out in the wild, and won't need to rush back and forth. it could save hours of transportation, which quite honestly, nobody really has time for lately
  16. He was joking with the 10,000 tokens I believe. That would be a massive waste of tokens(lol) in my opinion :p
  17. He might've been joking, but you have to consider that being able to pack up chests in the wild at a cheap cost would allow players to go out for much larger mining or resource gathering trips. While that sounds nice, it would have a huge impact on the economy as more resources would come with a lower cost of time. Charging more for packing chests in the wild would replace the cost of time with a cost of tokens, because, like he said, we should "make people work for luxury." Perhaps the cost could be more around 5k, but it should be high. The wild is also supposed to have a much more vanilla feel to survival than town (from what I can tell). With that said, perhaps there could be a percentage refund for placing a packed chest withing a certain time frame, but that would be up to the Dev team, along with the cost of packing a chest.

    Also, I have over 60k tokens, mostly from voting :D
  18. actually, i think they are fine. because these chest are basically extra inventory(for some reason /vault isn't allowed in waste/wild right? this is the reason, due to it being OP) so making it extra expensive would make the player thinking it twice, this would balance the Op-ness of basically infinite inventory