[Suggestion]Optional switch to remover 'Connect/Disconnect' Messages

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  1. Hey there, I'm out in the wild a fair bit and I noticed that the longer i'm out there the more and more Connected / Disconnected messages i'm spammed with. I don't really know if this could be a possible feature but I was wondering if there could be a command to disable those messages.

    I have tried using the ./ch off command but that only disables regular chat/Pm messages. I was thinking that this could either be implamented into the already used ./ch off or if there could be a whole new command created for this.

    Please feel free to vote in the above Poll and share your opinions below :)

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  2. /c status off :)
  3. When I joined Empire Minecraft, connect/disconnect messages were disabled by default (I knew it was EMC because I was on someone's residence at the time and seffychan was online; this was in 2012). I had to ask people in the town chat how to turn it on. I don't think the command exists anymore. +1


    ninja'd. there it is :rolleyes:

    EDIT: The wiki is now updated with extra "function info" right next to the command.
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  4. you already can with /chat status off
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  5. Well now I feel really stupid... Thank you anyway ;-;
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  6. I plan to move those settings to /ps so its more obvious they exists.
  7. That's all good news then. Sorry again, I probably should have researched it a little more.
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  8. It's okay if you didn't see it; the wiki showed a very vague explanation of what the command does, but I corrected it so that you can actually understand what it really does. :)
  9. No need. EMC has tons of features so it's really easy to overlook some of them.
  10. Why is it I have never seen this question and after I ask it I have seen it freaking everywhere? Now that I know, it isn't helpful to see it everywhere. I was right there with you until a few days ago creeper lord. six months and constant forum stalking and ridiculous hours invested a week and just saw this command.

    Edit: 8months.... :eek: *sobs that time is going so fast*
  11. nub
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