[Suggestion] Notice for /shop and its prices vs player-run shops and wiki-reading requirement

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  1. Backstory to why I have this suggestion. I was doing my thing which was a whole lot of grinding down large spruce trees while paying attention to chat and I saw someone was selling smooth sandstone for a ridiculous price of 500r. I was thinking to myself, "how many stacks of the stuff is that for that price!?" So I asked and he said it was for just 1 piece of smooth sandstone. I immediately knew after that, he was a new player so I told him he'd been scammed and to report whoever the shop owner was. But then he told me he bought it from the shop. Now I hadn't been in the /shop in a long time but I knew it had much higher prices than what items are actually worth in the player run economy. After this realization, it hit me that this new player who started off with about 5000 r just spent what he said was 500r, 1/10 of his whole rupee total on something worth maybe 5r. I remember when I first started on the server barely a month ago and I remember buying some things from the shop. It was because of my conservative nature that I decided not to buy diamonds (which now in hindsight wasn't too bad) and other valuables.


    My suggestion:

    Although the /shop is a legitimate place to buy items, new players can easily mistaken the /shop prices for what the item is actually worth (much less in most cases). I suggest that either in the tutorial or somewhere where new players have to go, that there be some sort of message warning them on the prices of /shop being higher than what the player run economy prices items. I don't want another new player spending their rupees in the shop thinking they can make profit but then realizing it is not worth even close to that much. Another suggestion is a requirement for new players to read through a small compilation of essential wiki pages. Maybe then putting in a few more questions on the tutorial test based on the wiki readings. I was thinking for the wiki page compilation, just segments highlighting the FAQ's that new players spam in chat.It is a huge annoyance for me even though I am a new player myself (who has read through almost the whole wiki) to have to keep repeating myself in telling people to check the wiki for the answers to their questions (I imagine older players feel this pain in a much higher concentration).

    Please post what questions you get the most from chat below.

    This is just my two cents but I hope it makes a difference for new players interested in the economic part of this server just like me and also less annoyance and frustration for the pasting of wiki links into chat for question answering :)

    If this has already been suggested, forgive me as I am still trying to go through the forums and reading what I can.
  2. I agree that new players should be aware of the difference...

    Although, there could also be another solution, too ...

    Say a newer player goes to /shop and tries to buy an item ... if he/she is under a certain amount of days old ... he/she will get a notification (chest gui) saying 'are you sure' ? ...and the reasoning why...
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  3. I would love for the /shop to be included in the Tutorial as it's own room.
  4. I'm "bumping" this post a little but would also like to share that this is indeed an issue. I just came across a new player on smp2 and the same applied; they got hold of /shop, needed some seeds and bought 'm there.

    On one end I do agree that the community can step in, I compensated him a little by proving him with his private veggie farm (enough stuff to start) but it does show once again that new players can easily be fooled to spend money here.

    This should definitely be mentioned somewhere I think. How about the last hallway? One sign should be sufficient I guess: "Empire shop is overpriced to stop inflation" (or something close, not sure if this will fit).

    But yah; new players keep running into this. And although I don't mind some things to be a little unfair (economy isn't fair by definition) I also think this comes close to "scamming" a bit.