[Suggestion]No summon charge in Wasteland or Frontier outposts

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ConductorConduit, Aug 23, 2015.


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  1. It doesn't make sense that you get charged 100r per summon in spawns. My suggestion is that not to be charged in spawns but the 100r charge should be outside the spawn areas of outposts.

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  2. You get charged based on world, not location.

    Good idea, but remember... horses teleport with you, so {/st summon #} then {/waste}
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  3. I know but, to me it doesn't make sense for it to charge you since your basically in town in those spawns.
  4. +1 I like this idea. 100r isn't much but It's annoying when you get charged at spawns.
  5. 100r is basically a useless amount. I think it should be taken away with in spawn then raised to 1500 outside of spawn
  6. done for next update - and reminds me.... is it documented you get free stable summons once you get 10 stable slots :3?
  7. i dont think is documented as in the wiki it doesnt say that 10 stable slots make it free... and in the chat ingame it is never reminded

  8. It is now.
  9. I went broke moving my animals to another place now I have like 0 money so I'm totally for this
  10. I expanded to 10 stable slots, but was still charged for using slot 5, does this mean we are waiting on the update you spoke of?
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  11. I will look into that as you should not be charged it you have 10 or more Stable slots.
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  12. I got charged even after 10 slots, tho I got only 2 full.
  13. Learn something new everyday. ;)