[Suggestion] New Way of Promoting Staff

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Do you think this is a cool idea?

Yes! ^-^ 2 vote(s) 9.1%
No! -.- 20 vote(s) 90.9%
  1. Hey Guys, Wolff Here!
    I think that if there was some type of way that can promote staff,
    such as a Google Forum, where players can say who they think could and would be
    good to be promoted!
    I don't suspect this will pass on but seems like a way for the Community to be in Staff Promotions!
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  2. This would be biased, so -1

    Edit: To everyone. To doesnt know what biased means... It is irreelevant data. For example, asking: What is you favorite sport? In a soccer stuff shop. This would be biased, because, obiously, they would answer soccer. See what i mean??
  3. -1

    They pick people based on maturity, and several others, such as how they treat other players. If you want to become a staff, why not apply....
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  4. I am sorry, but I am going to say -1 for only a few reasons:
    • It would be based on popularity, not actual qualifications
    • The staff-picking system is perfect as is
    • Staff is chosen by how they handle situations, not on how cool and nice they are. Look at B4DMAN5IMON for example :p (Kidding, of course)
  5. Not adding new staff but saying why YOU think they could help EMC as a higher staff member... True with that but still
  6. I dont really think this is the player's decision to make as it is not our server.
    so -1
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  7. Ahh, for that I have this:
    • It would be biased, as mention above
    • They only are promoted to Sr. Staff due to their abilities as moderator and how well they perform (I imagine)
    • People would only vote on who they think is the funnest (Basically Bias)
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  8. It wouldn't be a vote, It would be a question like "Who and why do you think *So and So* would be good as a Sr. Staff?" and be very secrete
  9. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that us players cannot see that Krysyy and Aikar (and Max) can see. What we might see from a staff member might be contradictory to what the admins think.
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  10. I dont think this would be a good idea...Maybe people who had been voted for would not even want to be staff?