[Suggestion] New Wasteland World: The Waste End

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  1. As you may have noticed well i have the probably by the end of this year smp9 End stone will be possible gone in my opinion.

    Why i think that
    1. When i mine there i find bases
    2. Endstone is getting more pricey

    So What i think is there should be a End wasteland with a Ender dragon to fight and it will resested every 1.7, 1.8 etc so wats your opinion on this.
  2. I agree... Since the End doesn't reset, and there is only a finite supply... We need to combat this. Endstone won't last forever. And KJHaddrell is right. If you dig down, just a few blocks below the surface there are massive mined out rooms. This would be great.
  3. A waste end would be okay, but the ender dragon would probably go to the same people and it is very easy to kill. I think they should give it wither attacks and 3x health. Also these eggs would not be able to create crystals.
  4. I think it is fine as is. If you need more endstone, there are always 9 other servers out there:p
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  5. They definitely shouldn't have the ender dragon spawn, since that would negate the point of dragon tombs. The end is pretty large, seems like there should be enough on the less populated servers to last for a long time.
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  6. If we never get the dragon tombs I would rather have an end that periodically spawns an enderdragon, of course being once a month if lucky and the egg wouldn't form the crystal either, but endstone isnt a problem.
  7. It takes me an hour to mine out a certain portion of the end and thats literally 1/30 of the end...
    So yeah :)
    I don't think this will happen :)
  8. On the contrary,
    I think, perhaps when a Dragon Tomb spawns in the overworld, and the players fail to defeat, it would be amazing to see the portal to go to it, come to the end. Because, it was THE END of the players, not the dragon. This shouldn't happen all the time, plus, you would have to find it in the either waste or normal end. :p Just something to think about, a chance for someone else to prevail...
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  9. *8 for us non-supporters.

    Oh and I never thought of it like this. Would really like to see a colonized End and a Wasted End.
  10. Considering how long it took to get the regular wastelands, I don't think that there needs to be a new End wasteland. This would defeat the purpose of dragon tombs which we have all be patiently waiting for. If you want more end stone go to other servers and get it there. And if for some bizarre reason we run out of all end stone then we can reset the ends without spawning an Ender Dragon.
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  11. no it is still 9, there are servers 1-9, then 10 for gold and diamond supporters since they get utopia wild, though idk how much endstone people get from there.
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  12. A think this would be a great idea, but I don't agree with the Enderdragon spawning... it would ruin the prices of the Dragon Eggs.
  13. We can simply regenerate the end if endstone gets too low.
  14. I think he meant 8 other servers, meaning all the servers but the one that you are usually one, which for non supporters would be 8.
  15. But what would happen to the Enderman farms, or other things people have built?
  16. It's possible to only regen sections of the world. :)
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  17. Right, we would only select the island itself and regenerate that. It would essentially just restore the endstone
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  18. He said 9 more, so I said 8 for non-supporters.
  19. but there are bases in the island if you reset it will be gone
  20. Read what jack said "it's possible for senior staff & Admins to regenerate certain section of the world."