(Suggestion) New Trophy Points & More!

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  1. Hi Its me again. What id we could now get more Trophy Point things, Like 50,000 Likes will get you 40 more Trophy points or something like that. There could be so much more. And what we got new things under our avatar. With the new trophy points you could get New names instead of New Member, Active, Well Known member. There could be so much more! Also, If you have a supporter, it takes what you are away, Maybe we can make it so it also says what you are under :D
  2. Well, seeing how the most likes any person has is 11 thousand, I highly doubt anyone will get to 50k any time soon :p I'm not really sure I see the need for these, since trophy points and trophy ranks don't really accomplish anything as it is.
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  3. Well it is cool to have and, The 50,000 thing was an example xD I mean like a Trophy for like 10 likes in a day or something :p
  4. A new trophy for 500 posts that gives 5 points would be nice
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  5. I think you should be able to collect names, then be able to change the names freely
    And if you're a supporter, it would be lets say, Well-Known Member but it would be the color of the supporter level
  6. I like this idea, oh and I was thinking that it could just say your title in your supporter color like
    Active Member
    New Member
    Edit: Ninja'dF3
  7. Maybe you could change the color to anything you want :D
  8. I think this is impossible... soo... uh....
  9. Just throwing it out there, the terrariaonline forum has tons of different trophies and tons of different ranks.

    Whether or not that's a good thing is up for debate, but it's certainly possible.
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  10. I would like to see more trophies, but they would need to be available for everyone to get.
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  11. I would like to see more trophies and ranks, maybe something like 'veteran member' for people that have 500+ days?
  12. The Terraria site is the same as ours but with way more things, The thing under our avatar is way different. There is a lot more Trophy points. And a lot of edited stuff into the website.

    You were saying?
  13. Yes, it is very similar to our site because we both use Xenfro. From the looks of it, they have modified the ranks and added trophies which actually isn't too hard to do, since I have used the Xenfro control panel before. However EMC does have a lot of edited stuff to, for example the wiki. :)
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  14. Good idea! More trophy points would be AWESOME! :D
  15. *bribes 50 people with 50 r each to like every one of my posts*
    On the topic of this thread, yes actually, it would be cool to have more Trophy points and regular ranks. I mean, I can think of "Make 3 threads" as one :p Anything could be a trophy.... ANYTHING!
    So let's get creative :D
  16. wrong section. put it in the Suggestions forum
  17. Erm, couldn't you have just reported the post/thread to be moved lol. I mean, it's not a big deal... is it?
  18. As brick said, Its kind of in both also though, and its kind of already to late, No one really said anything yet and just rolled with it.